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AEI Textiles presents Context at the T&G TexTech conference

With the aim of increasing the network and publicizing its activities, on November 27, the Dr. Ariadna Detrell give a presentation at the session E-textiles & smart materials, within the conferences T&G TexTech, which are taking place, in webinar format, from November 23 to December 8.

Since October 2018, AEI Textiles, the technical textiles cluster of Catalonia, leads one of the main networks of experts in advanced textile materials in Europe: Context – European Network to connect research and innovation efforts on advanced Smart Textiles.

The Dr. Ariadna Detrell, cluster manager of the AEI Textiles, chairs the network, which was born at the initiative of several clusters and European research organizations in the sector.

Nowadays, Context Is made by more than 220 professionals from 39 countries, mainly from the academic and research fields, but also representatives from the industrial world and end users.

The first public presentation of Context was held in Barcelona, ​​with a international conference which had more than 120 attendees from various countries.

During these two years of existence, various activities have been carried out, including the organization of workshops dedicated to sharing the needs of users, the possibilities of industrialization and research trends, in the fields of smart textiles of sports, construction and habitat and medical-hygienic-sanitary use.

Too 17 grants have been awarded (more than € 30,000 mobilized) to promote the exchange of researchers from companies and / or centers, to promote the transfer of knowledge and a training school has been held in the field of construction and personal protection.

As one of the direct results of Context, among others, four projects that are being carried out by companies associated with the AEI Textiles to develop smart textiles for different applications.

Context will continue working for at least two more years to bring the world of research closer to the industrial world and accelerate the market launch of new advanced textile materials.

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