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Sphene : The new standard in digital textile printing by Stork Prints

Sphene is an exquisite and rare collector gemstone. Stork Prints’ new digital textile printer for sure is exquisite too, but thanks to Stork Prints this gemstone among printers is available to everyone who wishes to make affordable digital textile prints. A new era has begun in textile printing, join it now!When Stork Prints launched the first digital textile printer in the early nineties, everybody in the textile industry realized that digital textile printing would one day become a dominant printing technology.

In those early days ‘exquisite’ meant ‘exclusive’ and ‘expensive’, but these days are over with Stork Prints’ Sphene. Sure, designs printed with ‘Sphene’ can still be very exclusive, but you will be surprised about your total costs of printing once you start working with your ‘Sphene’.

As with all Stork Prints products, you don’t have to wonder if the Sphene fulfills your needs. It does. Quality is not simply a feature of our products, it is our mindset. You will experience it in every part you touch or use, and you’ll experience it when you judge the product that the Sphene is printing.
Naturally, the product is complete. From the industrial fabric feeding system, allowing to use virtually all thinkable fabrics up to 1.85 meters in width, through the printing heart of the Sphene, with it’s two or three rows of eight Kyocera printing heads, up to the powerful Stork Prints drying system, it is all there.

But there is more: the complete new interactive touch screen operator display lets you control the Sphene with one simple touch. Last but not least, the Sphene comes with a complete design package software for design creation, creating colorways and to control you colour through the CIE-Lab colourmanagement system.

The Sphene is in four different versions and printing speeds up to 555 m2/hr.

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