chust-logoCHUST TEXTILE, ChP

Country: Uzbekistan
Address: st. Gulzor, 105 / st. Bogi-Eram, 14 Namangan region, Chust, 161107, Uzbekistan
Phone: + 998 78 148 81 48
Email: [email protected]
Web:  www.ChustTextile.uz

The history of the company began in 2007 with a small workshop, which employed only 50 people. Today Chust Textile is two big factories. More than 10 years of experience and development.

During our existence, we have managed to modernize the knitwear manufacturing process: from simple products to complex models according to the customer’s sketches.


We are proud that we were able to establish a single production cycle for knitted products – from creating a sketch of a future product to a completely finished product. Our own production of cloth, as well as necessary accessories: labels, cords, cuffs, allows us to offer more attractive prices for goods and successfully compete in this segment. We try to provide the market with high quality, inexpensive knitwear.


The company, on the basis of orders, is capable of producing the whole range of outer and outer clothing. In 2020, about 2 thousand tons of fabrics and 5.2 million units of finished knitwear were produced, to countries such as Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, goods worth more than $ 9 million were exported. Exports are expected to reach $ 12 million this year.

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