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The 2020 Brand Story—Macao Original Fashion Exhibition IV

Macao Original Fashion Exhibition 2020Introduction

In 2020, the Year of the Rat, everything begins anew and the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac repeats itself endlessly like the fashion industry. Brimming with inspirations and with unique taste and creativity, trend-setting fashion designers constantly cultivate appreciation and new ideas about fashion to the public.

While people pursue exquisite works, how much do they know about the story behind? Stories are yet to be explored behind the fashion pieces. How do designers illustrate the story with their work? With the cloth as the story’s outline and ornaments as the context, they connect all the specifics with needles and threads.

The Macao SAR government is committed to advancing the development of cultural and creative industries with many local original fashion brands fully prepared. Therefore, Macao Fashion Gallery (MFG) continues its fashion event this year, 2020 Brand Story – Macao Original Fashion Exhibition. MFG provides an exhibition venue for local original brands to showcase local designers’ talent to visitors through open call for brands, followed by objective evaluation and selection.

The exhibition will be divided into five phases, with one brand being displayed at each phase. Five selected brands, including Lexx Moda, Nega C., ZICS, FAITH & FEARLESS and NO.42, will be exhibited one after another. The first is Lexx Moda, a women’s shoe brand combining comfort and fashion, and it will be followed by the youthful and sweet Nega C., ZICS with black-white-gray architectural aesthetics, and the brand FAITH & FEARLESS which represents the street style. This event will be concluded by the mixed-style brand NO.42. The public can feel the unlimited possibilities of fashion after seeing five completely different brands. What’s more, all collections will be available for purchase. You will not go home empty-handed.

Brand introduction: FAITH & FEARLESS

FAITH & FEARLESS (FF) upholds the idea of believing in and staying true to oneself.

The brand was established in 2016 by a team of designers from Macao, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The designers have been nurtured and influenced by Cantonese culture from a young age, including classic 80’s and 90’s Hong Kong movies, popular Cantonese pop songs, funny comedy shows, and gourmet food from cha chaan tengs and food stalls, so they are bound together by shared topics and experiences. They also have different personalities and preferences, but in a team that embraces diversity, they are open-minded towards designs and different cultures.

Design team introduction: Todot Design & Planning Limited

Todot Design & Planning Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Todot Design”) is a design group with great diversity. Its members come from Macao, Hong Kong and Mainland China with different cultural backgrounds that nurture their creation. In 2014, Todot Design created the design brand ULTRAWORKS, which combines avant-garde design language with brand-new ideas to bring everyone a unique product experience, making life on earth better and more interesting. ULTRAWORKS has won numerous design awards for its products including the Good Design Award (Japan), A’ Design Award – Platinum Award (Italy), Successful Design Awards, China Good Design Award, Red Star Design Award, Design Intelligence Award TOP 100 and the HKDA Global Design Awards – Silver Award. Additionally, Todot Design has been continuously enriching its products and created the fashion brand FAITH & FEARLESS (FF) in 2016. FF adopts a novel and bold design style to attract wider attention, and so far has gained recognition and support among celebrities and trendsetters. Todot Design will continue to promote its brand and products at different levels.

Exhibition theme:Faith·Fearless

  • Faith makes you more like yourself.
  • Fearless makes you a unique being.
  • Allow yourself to go against the current trends.

The show mainly displays FAITH & FEARLESS (FF) works, as well as the simple yet unique ULTRAWORKS watches. FF is good at utilizing everyday materials such as woven and camouflage fabrics, polyester and PVC. As a young fashion brand, FF focuses on fast fashion to bring out a spirit, a personality, and a casual feeling.

In addition, ULTRAWORKS watches are displayed as part of the show, which redefine the way of telling time.

Macao Fashion Gallery
Exhibition Date:5/9-1/11/2020
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (closed on Mondays, open on public holidays)
Venue: Rua de S. Roque, No. 47, Macao
Enquiries: (853) 2835 3341 (during office hours)
Website: www.macaofashiongallery.com

Free admission

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