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Buying a New Car? Don’t Pay More! (English Version)

Please check Insurance charges, lifetime RTO tax, and lifetime Municipal Road Tax that you are charged by the dealer and receipts of these charges to know the actual amount paid. You may find that you can save Rupees fifteen to twenty thousand by selecting your own insurance company and by refusing to pay RTO and Municipal tax more than the actual amount payable.

Also, instead of getting fake discount, you can negotiate the deal forcing them to reveal the real Ex-showroom price of the car. Normally, they jack up this price by Rupees twenty to twenty five thousand and give discount from the excess thus charged. Chances are they may be compelled to give rupees ten thousand genuine discount, if not more. You can save around Rupees twenty five to thirty thousand if you pay attention to pricing details and refuse to pay more.

In a nutshell,

  • Don’t fall pray to their price manipulation.
  • Pay what you must. Not more.
  • Don’t trust their promise of refund.
  • Insurance: Select lowest quote
  • RTO and Municipal Tax: Pay actual
  • Discount: Seek genuine discount

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