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RELIANCE purchases apparel and footwear inventory

reliance-mastReliance is one of the leading apparel and footwear traders in Southeast Asia. With its headquarters located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Reliance provides a range of services including purchasing garments, shoes (orders of which are highly prone to cancellation), inventories of US and European brands from the factory, production unit . With the establishment of long-term relationships with factories in Vietnam over the past 15 years, Reliance has been granted priority access to factory inventories.

Reliance’s customers are mainly in markets outside the Americas and Europe such as South America, Caribbean, South Africa, so there is no impact on your customer’s brand. Reliance has a sorting and packing staff ready to assist your business with packaging and label removal if required.

reliance-logoBusinesses interested, please contact:

Jasmine: [email protected] – 0773.472.769
Ms.Anh: [email protected] – 0909.479.073
Fiona: [email protected] – 0902.955.214

Reliance Trading Co., Ltd.
158/14 Tran Huy Lieu, Ward 15, Phu Nhuan District, City. HCM Vietnam

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