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Using technology, Mango is monitoring compliance with covid-19 health and safety measures in its production centres worldwide

The company has a quality analysis tool for its productions which allows it to implement improvement plans

In view of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, Mango has started to monitor the prevention measures implemented by its suppliers in their production centres worldwide.The aim is to verify that all the safety measures necessary to protect the health of their workers are being applied.

Mango, via the digital platform Inspectorio, is compiling and analysing the data obtained through audits based on the protocols of international NGOs, in order to detect any potential shortcomings and consequently advise in a proactive manner on the appropriate corrective measures for the purpose of prevention and protecting the workers in their production centres.

As part of its digital transformation process, Mango implemented Inspectorio in 2019 as a quality analysis tool for its productions, allowing it to promote and implement future improvement plans and evaluate the performance of its suppliers.

MANGO was founded in 1984 and is today one of the leading fashion groups in the world.Based in its city of origin, Barcelona, the company has an extensive store network of 2,200 stores (over 800,000 m2) in 109 countries.

From its “El Hangar” Design Centre in Palau-solità i Plegamans, every year it designs 18,000 garments and accessories for wearing the season’s trends. The company, which owns the MANGO Woman, Man, Kids and Violeta lines, closed 2015 with sales of 2.327 billion euros, representing a 15% increase on 2014.

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