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With ConnectKey Applications and Automation, the Xerox AltaLink C8100 / B8100 Series accelerates digital transformation and supports workers inside and outside the office. Xerox launches the new Xerox AltaLink® C8100 and Xerox AltaLink B8100 Series multifunctional […]

The post Xerox AltaLink Digital Workplace Assistant with ConnectKey that better supports today’s flexible work environment and can help companies accelerate their digital transformation by accessing the ConnectKey® app ecosystem appeared first on InkJet Magazine.

With ConnectKey Applications and Automation, the Xerox AltaLink C8100 / B8100 Series accelerates digital transformation and supports workers inside and outside the office.

Xerox today’s flexible work environment that better supports and companies connectkey® applications to help accelerate their digital conversion by accessing the ecosystem new Xerox subfield Link ® C8100 and the Xerox subfield Link B8100 Series multifunction printers (MFPs) was introduced.

In addition to printing capabilities, the AltaLink 8100 series helps accelerate digitalization in the workplace with ultra-fast scanning at up to 270 images per minute and Optical Character Recognition that enables customers to extract more value from information. According to the latest global Future of Work Survey conducted by Xerox, 34% of businesses are accelerating their digital transformation plans as a result of COVID-19.

“ConnectKey technology turns the AltaLink C8100 / B8100 Series into the workplace assistant modern businesses need to accelerate their digital transformation,” said Tracey Koziol, Vice President of Global Offerings, Xerox. The tablet-like user interface allows for easy and familiar interaction, or users can choose to print from their mobile device. These workplace assistants bridge the physical and digital world with innovative applications such as turning the most demanding handwriting into editable text documents, automatically rearranging documents for private information, and even creating audio files from text. ”

According to Quorcirca, a Smart MFP is a key enabler for digital transformation, providing access to services, systems and more complex workflow automation beyond digitization.

“The most mature smart MFP platform is Xerox ConnetKey,” said Louella Fernandes, director of Quocirca. Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs support a range of cloud and mobile digital workflows powered by third-party applications and a broad Xerox ecosystem. “The Xerox App Gallery just continues to grow stronger with more apps and expanding developer support.”

In addition, a more flexible workforce comes with increased security concerns. Xerox collaborates with leading cybersecurity experts such as McAfee and Cisco to provide AltaLink with comprehensive built-in security that protects both the device and the network. Thanks to the industry’s leading security solutions such as Information Security and Event Management provided by the companies, integration, management and reporting of security incidents are made easier.

For the past two years, Xerox Workplace Suite and ConnectKey Application have been awarded by Keypoint – BLI for Document Viewing Software, Product of the Year and Excellent Business Management and Mobile Printing Solution.

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The post Xerox releasing the AltaLink Digital Workplace Assistant with ConnectKey appeared first on InkJet Magazine .

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