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Profile Of Chattogram EPZ, Bangladesh

Chattogram EPZ 1

Chattogram EPZ

Chattogram EPZ Profile

Published date: 31-May-2018

Established : 1983

Zone area 183.37 hectares (453 acres)
Number of industrial plots 501
Plot Size 2000 sqm Avg.
Tariff for Plot US $ 2.20 /sqm /year
SFB Size
Tariff for SFB US $ 2.75 /sqm /month

List of Investors in Chattogram EPZ, Bangladesh

Sr.CompanyInvesting CountryProducts
1A & B Outerwear Ltd.DENMARKGarments
2Aadi Towels (BD) Ltd.CANADATextile
3Aamra Fashions (CEPZ) Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
4Ace Bicycles (Bangladesh) Ltd.MALAYSIAMetal Products
5Adams Caps & Textiles Ltd.BANGLADESHTextile
6Al-Hamedi Textile Mills Ltd.U.S.A.Terrytowel
7Al-Salam Fabrics Ltd.BANGLADESHTerrytowel
8Alita (Bangladesh) LimitedMALAYSIAMetal Products
9Apparels JB21 LimitedU.S.A.Garments
10Arrow Jeans (Pvt.) Limited (Unit-1)BANGLADESHGarments
11ATS Pearl LimitedBANGLADESHGarments
12Bangladesh Spinners & Knitters (Pvt) LtdHONGKONG,CHINAKnitting & other Textile pdt.
13Bangladesh Towel Ind. Ltd.BANGLADESHTerrytowel
14BMS Company LimitedJAPANRopes
15BMS Rope Co. Ltd.JAPANRopes
16Bonshoe Bangladesh LimitedTAIWAN,CHINAFootwear & Leather goods
17Campex (BD) LimitedU.S.A.Tent
18CBC Optronics (BD) Co. Ltd.JAPANElectronics & Electrical goods
19Chittagong Fashion Specialised TextilesBANGLADESHGarments
20Chittagong Knitwears (Pvt.) Ltd.HONGKONG,CHINAKnitting & other Textile pdt.
21Chittagong Waste Treatment Plants Ltd.BANGLADESHService Oriented Industries
22Chunji Industrial Co. LimitedS. KOREAKnitting & other Textile pdt.
23Cold Play School Products Ltd.DENMARKSports goods
24Copper Co., LimitedINDIAGarments
25Cosmos Shoes International LimitedTAIWAN,CHINAFootwear & Leather goods
26Crown Mills (BD) Ltd.U.S.A.Terrytowel
27D-Water Tech Ltd.BANGLADESHService Oriented Industries
28DAF CTG Accessories Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
29Dah Yuan Bangladesh Ltd.TAIWAN,CHINAGarments
30Delmas Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
31Delmas Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
32Denim Plus (BD) Ltd.UNTD KINGDOMTextile
33Dream Bangal Garments Ltd.JAPANKnitting & other Textile pdt.
34Dream Knitting (BD) LimitedBANGLADESHKnitting & other Textile pdt.
35Ebisawa Corporation LimitedJAPANMiscellaneous
36Evertobe (BD) Ltd.S. KORIAFootwear & Leather Goods
37Excelsior Shoes Ltd.BANGLADESHFootwear & Leather goods
38Fabtex Ltd.U.S.A.Textile
39Familytex (BD) Ltd.PAKISTANTextile
40Farkantex Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
41Fergasam (Bangladesh) Ltd.SRILANKAGarments
42G.F. Textiles LimitedU. A. E.Terrytowel
43Gangshi Industrial Co. Ltd.CHINAFootwear & Leather Goods
44GH Haewae Company Ltd.S. KOREAMiscellaneous
45Gharib-E-Nawaz Accessories Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
46Giant BD Co LimitedS. KORIAMiscellaneous
47GL Grape (BD) Co. Ltd.S. KoreaBag, Tent, Sleeping Bag, Mat, Back Pack, Parasol, Golf net & Umbrella
48Glen Stationary (Bangladesh) Ltd.CHINAMiscellaneous
49Glenview (BD) Ltd. (Unit-2)S. KOREATent
50Global Fabrics (Pvt.) Ltd.PAKISTANTerrytowel
51Globe Textile Mills Ltd.BANGLADESHTerrytowel
52Guangdong Dhaka Knitting Co. Ltd.CHINAGarments
53Hana Plastic (Bd) Ltd.S. KOREAPlastic goods
54Hana S & B LimitedS. KORIAFootwear & Leather Goods
55Hemple Rhee Manufacturing Co. (BD) Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
56HHH Accessories Industry Ltd.S. KOREAGarment Accessories
57HKD (Hi-Tech) Ltd.S. KOREATent
58HKD International (CEPZ) Ltd.S. KOREATent
59HU Accessories Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
60Industrial Hand Protection Ltd.CANADAGarments
61Institutional Textile Mills Ltd.PAKISTANTerrytowel
62Intercontinental Technology Ltd.UNTD KINGDOMMetal Products
63J & J Industries LimitedBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
64Jay Jay Mills (Bangladesh) Private Ltd.INDIATextile
65JB-Q & Q Equipment International Ltd.JAPANMetal Products
66Jeans 2000 Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
67Jemina Accessories (BD) LimitedBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
68JMS Garments LimitedCHINAGarments
69K & T Logistics Ltd.MALAYSIAService Oriented Industries
70Kang Book Company (BD) Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
71Karnaphuli Sportswear Ind. Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
72Kenpark Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd.UNTD KINGDOMGarments
73Kimtex Ltd.S. KOREAKnitting & other Textile pdt.
74Lalmai Sportswear Industries Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
75LCB International (Bd) Ltd.S. KOREATextile
76Lily Park Garments LimitedCHINAGarments
77Loyal Tex Ltd.BANGLADESHTent
78Luna Lite Co. (BD) Ltd.JAPANElectronics & Electrical goods
79M. S. Shoe Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.BANGLADESHFootwear & Leather goods
80Majum Knit Ltd.PAKISTANTextile
81Mamiya-OP (Bangladesh) Ltd.JAPANFishing Reel & Golf Equipment
82Maxima Engineering Ltd.BANGLADESHElectronics & Electrical goods
83Meghna Accessories LimitedBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
84Meiji Industries Pvt. Ltd.JAPANMetal Products
85Merim Co. Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
86Merimo LimitedS. KOREAGarments
87Mitali Textile Industries (BD) Ltd.CANADATextile
88Mithun Knitting & Dyeing (CEPZ) Ltd.BANGLADESHTextile
89MNC Apparels LimitedU.S.A.Garments
90Modern Towels (BD) Ltd.U.S.A.Terrytowel
91Modiste (CEPZ) Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
92Multi Safh Bag Limited.BANGLADESHMiscellaneous
93MZM (CEPZ) Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
94MZM Fashion LimitedBANGLADESHGarments
95MZM Textile Ltd.S. KOREATerrytowel
96Nantong Tongfeng (BD) Co., LtdCHINAGarments
97Neo Printech BD LimitedS. KOREAGarment Accessories
98New Era Fashion Mfrs. (BD) LimitedCHINACaps
99NHT Fashions LimitedBANGLADESHGarments
100NLZ Fashion LimitedBANGLADESHGarments
101Norm Outfit & Accessories Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
102Ocean ApparelsBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
103Op-Seed Co. (BD) Ltd.JAPANElectronics & Electrical goods
104Pacific Accessories Limited.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
105Pacific Causal Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
106Pacific Jeans Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
107Pacific Zipper (BD) Ltd.S. KOREAPlastic goods
108Padma Accessories Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
109Padma Industry Ltd.BANGLADESHPaper Products
110Padma Wears Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
111Papella Ltd.TAIWAN,CHINAFootwear & Leather goods
112Patenga Footwear (Pvt.) Ltd.TAIWAN,CHINAFootwear & Leather goods
113Peninsula Garments Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
114Pitam Garments LimitedBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
115PL Fashion & Accessories (BD) LimitedS. KOREAGarment Accessories
116Poong Han Plastic Bd. Ltd.S. KOREAPlastic goods
117Portland Textile LimitedBANGLADESHTextile
118Premier 1888 Ltd.CANADATerrytowel
119Presentation Apparels Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
120QNS Container Services LimitedBANGLADESHService Oriented Industries
121Qualitex Industries (BD) Ltd.U.S.A.Terrytowel
122R & C Co. Ltd.S. KOREATent
123R T T Textile Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.BANGLADESHTextile
124R. M. Interlinings Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
125R.S.B. Industrial Ltd.HONGKONG,CHINAGarments
126R.T.T. Accessories (Pvt.) Ltd.BANGLADESHGarment Accessories
127Regency Garments Ltd.U.S.A.Garments
128Regency Three Ltd.U.S.A.Garments
129Rosebally Toy Ind.BANGLADESHGarments
130RTT Towels (BD) LimitedBANGLADESHTerrytowel
131S.J. Industrial (BD) Ltd.S. KOREAGarment Accessories
132Sanko Corporation Ltd.JAPANElectronics & Electrical goods
133Sanko Optical Co. (BD) Ltd.JAPANElectronics & Electrical goods
134Sea Blue Textile Ltd.BANGLADESHKnitting & other Textile pdt.
135Sea Blue Textile Ltd. (Garments Division)BANGLADESHGarments
136Seatex LimitedBANGLADESHTextile
137Section Seven Apparels LimitedBANGLADESHGarments
138Section Seven LimitedBANGLADESHGarments
139Shehan Specialized Textile MillsBANGLADESHTextile
140Shinhan Emulsion Co.(Bd) Ltd.S. KOREAMiscellaneous
141Siam's Superior Ltd.BANGLADESHGarments
142Smart Jacket (BD) LimitedNETHERLANDGarments
143Sonar Cotton Mills (BD) Ltd.PAKISTANTerrytowel
144Sungho Garments Accessories Ltd.S. KOREAGarment Accessories
145Sunshine Accessories MFC. BD. Ltd.CHINAGarment Accessories
146Surma Garments Washing &Finishing Co.LtdS. KOREAGarments
147Tariq-Azim Textile Mills Ltd.U.S.A.Textile
148Team ApparelsBANGLADESHGarments
149Tex Fab (BD) Ltd.PAKISTANTerrytowel
150Thianis Apprels Ltd.UNTD KINGDOMGarments
151Titas Sportswear Industries Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
152TK Outdoor LimitedS. KOREAGarment Accessories
153Topcon HK (BD) LimitedJAPANElectronics & Electrical goods
154Topway Ind Ltd.TAIWAN, CHINAGarments
155Towellers Bangladesh Ltd.BANGLADESHTerrytowel
156Toy Woods (Bangladesh) Co. Ltd.TAIWAN, CHINAGarments
157Tsim s Company (Bangladesh) Ltd.CHINAMiscellaneous
158U-jin Led Co. (BD) Ltd.S. KOREAElectronics & Electrical goods
159UFM (BD) LimitedS. KOREAFootwear & Leather goods
160United Power Generation & Distribution Compan Ltd.BANGLADESHPower Industry
161Unity AccessoriesBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
162Unity Style & Accessories LimitedBANGLADESHGarment Accessories
163Universal Jeans LimitedBANGLADESHGarments
164Univogue Garments Co. Ltd.HONGKONG,CHINAGarments
165Van Green (BD) Ltd.MALAYSIAMetal Products
167Young An Hat (BD) Ltd.S. KOREACaps
168Young An International (BD) LimitedS. KOREACaps
169Young International (BD) Ltd.S. KOREATextile
170Young International Garments (Bd.) Ltd.S. KOREAGarments
171Young International Knitting (Bd.) Ltd.S. KORIAKnitting & Other Textile pdt.
172Young International Weaving (Bd.) Ltd.S. KORIAKnitting & Other Textile pdt.
173Youngone (CEPZ) Ltd.S. KORIAGarments
174Youngone Garments Accessories Ind. LtdS. KORIAGarment Accessories
175Youngone Padding (CEPZ) ltd.S. KORIAGarments
176Youngone Shoes Accessories Ind. LtdS. KORIAFootwear & Leather Goods
177Youngone Sports Shoes Industries Ltd.S. KORIAFootwear & Leather Goods
178Zapper-Lab (BD) Ltd.MALAYSIAElectronics & Electrical Goods
179ZXY Apparel Manufacturing LimitedBANGLADESHElectronics & Electrical goods
Chattogram Export Processing Zone (CEPZ)
South Halishahar, Chattogram
General Manager Mobile No.:01713-105063
Phone: +880 31 741446, +880 31 740919
Fax: +880 31 740031
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