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Mimaki launched a new campaign in order to strengthen the advertising and industrial printing industry after the pandemic. With the Return to Work Support Campaign, printing professionals will gain advantages of up to 29% in initial investment costs.

Mimaki Eurasia , the leading brand of large format inkjet printers and cutting plotters , launched the ‘Back to Work Support Campaign’ to help the Turkish printing industry regain strength after the pandemic . The campaign prepared for the advertising and industrial printing segments includes Mimaki’s most demanded solutions in the market. The campaign, which provides significant discounts on initial investment costs, will be valid between 13 July – 11 September 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a restrictive period was experienced in our country from mid-March to early June. Many sectors have temporarily suspended their production or reduced their capacities within the scope of protection measures. The advertising and print industries were equally affected by this process. In the “new normal” period that started as of June, production wheels started to turn and markets started to open. Continuing to provide uninterrupted service and supply to its users during the pandemic period, Mimaki Eurasia has prepared ‘Back to Work Support Campaign’ to encourage this revival in the sector. This campaign was created as the most suitable investment option for those who made an investment plan at the beginning of 2020 but postponed this decision due to the pandemic or who want to open up to new application areas during the pandemic period.

Large format UV printing investment has never been this economical

In the Back to Work Support Campaign prepared for the advertising and industrial printing segments, Mimaki’s most demanded and latest model 8 products in the market are included. Discounts between 14% and 29% are applied to the products within the scope of the campaign. Those who want to take advantage of the campaign will be able to gain an initial investment advantage of up to 8 thousand Euros. In this context, for the first time, a Mimaki large format UV flatbed printing machine is offered at a price of under 50 thousand Euros. JFX200-2513 wide format UV flatbed printer is a candidate to be the first choice in investment plans with its attractive price and technical superiority.

Mimaki Eurasia makes the desktop UV segment more accessible within the scope of the campaign. A 25% discount was achieved on the UJF-3042FX UV LED printer, ideal for entry-level direct-to-object printing. This printing machine, which can print on objects up to 5 cm high, has a maximum printing width of 300 x 420 mm and a resolution of 1440 x 1200 dpi. The UJF-3042FX UV LED is the ideal machine to start a direct-to-object printing job. Today, printing companies that have grown their business in this field set off with the UJF-3042FX. UJF-3042MkII and UJF-6042Mkll, which are the most popular products of the market in direct to object printing, also take their place in the support campaign.

Mimaki’s popular integrated printer / cutters CJV150-160 and CJV300-160 Plus are also included in the campaign package. Combining high performance and quality printing with low cost, CJV150 Series; It attracts great attention from sign makers, printers and printing centers.

Plotters are the first requested solutions for those looking for new business opportunities during the pandemic period. However, recently there has been an increase of approximately 20% in plotter prices with the new customs duty. Mimaki Eurasia has fallen below the prices before the additional customs tax with a 29% discount made within the scope of the campaign. Mimaki’s CG-60SRIII and CG-130SRIII plotters have now become more attractive for investment.

Arjen Evertse; “We support the industry to spin the wheels”

Arjen Evertse, General Manager of Mimaki Eurasia, reminded that they continued to follow the rules during the 2.5-month pandemic period in which the restrictions were intense. Everts; “In this period, our priority was the health and safety of our employees and customers. We continued our supply to our working users without interruption by taking the necessary precautions ”.

Stating that it is important for the sector to quit the pessimistic psychology created by the pandemic as soon as possible, Evertse continued his words as follows; “We have been seeing positive developments since June regarding the re-spinning of the wheels. As Mimaki, we are taking our support for the sector one step further under the ‘new normal’ conditions after the pandemic. We are now expanding our strong service and comprehensive supply support with the discount we bring to the initial investment process. We believe that the printing industry will grow rapidly with the investments it will make after the difficult period left behind. “

Arjen Evertse, which previously reminded of the campaign they launched at FESPA Eurasia in 2018; “At that time, there was a serious leap in foreign currency and a troubled process for investors. For this reason, our campaign attracted great attention in the sector. Our users made their investments without worrying. ” Expressing that the Back to Work Support Campaign is also important in terms of showing that printing professionals are not alone after the pandemic, Evertse said that investments should continue in order for the sector to continue to grow. Everts; “For this reason, we have made our solutions more accessible to realize the investments planned at the beginning of the year. With the serious discounts we offer, printing professionals do not only buy machines anymore,

You can find more information about Mimaki’s advanced printing technologies on the official website; http://www.mimaki.com.tr/

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