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Image campaign for textile care is picking up speed


This is what a draft of the new website for the DTV and EFIT campaign looks like. – Image: DTV

DTV and EFIT want to polish up the image of the textile care industry by means of a campaign. The associations ask all companies – members or not – to participate in the marketing concept. In addition to a specially created website, a radio spot and a blog are also planned.

Image campaign by DTV and EFIT

This is what a draft of the new website for the DTV and EFIT campaign looks like. – Image: DTV
A new image campaign by the German Textile Cleaning Association (DTV) and the European Textile Care Research Association (EFIT) is taking shape. The new concept is intended to raise public awareness of the role of textile care as a hygiene service provider . DTV and EFIT commissioned experts for the cross-media advertising campaign: a web agency creates a website, a communications agency formulates texts. What is still missing, however, are pictures. The DTV therefore asks industry companies and associations to submit photos or videos as well as graphics or texts that they have taken themselves.According to DTV, a central aspect of the joint campaign is that laundries, dry cleaning and textile service providers are perceived as one industry. The term “textile service” used is also intended to underline the service character and cover the entire range for end consumers and commercial customers.

The campaign: blog, radio spot, advertising material and Co.

For this reason, the marketing concept focuses on the target group, “everyone who is within reach”. These include B. Companies that want work clothing and textiles to be hygienically prepared, as well as consumers who value clean, well-cared for laundry. The various customers should get to know the industry in Facebook posts, LinkedIn articles or through comments. Therefore, the campaign relies on another means: a blog. The contributions are intended to invite visitors to exchange ideas and initiate discussions. Companies can participate. In addition to the new website, search engine marketing and advertisements on social media will increase the reach of the campaign. Also become aProduces radio spot that can be adapted to your own company and broadcast regionally. Participating companies will also receive digital and printed advertising material and a marketing guide. All companies in the industry can take part in the campaign, including non-members. According to DTV, the contributions can be staggered depending on the financial situation.

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