Retail Forum 2020 will have a face-to-face and online format in September

Retail Forum 2020 will be held on September 30 at the Wanda Metropolitano facilities in Madrid. The event will have a hybrid format, face-to-face and online, so that attendees will be able to attend both virtually and in person to scheduled activities and events. The planned virtual platform will allow you to live a real experience with the advantage of participating from home.

The planned virtual platform will allow you to live a real experience with the advantage of participating from home or the office. Through online access you can access all the presentations, and contact participants and attendees.

The retail sector is continually reinventing itself and this new reality will be displayed in the different sessions of the congress.

The impact of the coronavirus  in the commerce sector will have its presence and attention, giving way to a new retail and its reflection in consumption and in the economy. During the  Retail Forum  , changes in consumption patterns and how the new consumer is expected and expected will be studied .

 Once again, the Retail Forum will have top-level experts from large companies such as Ebay, NH Hotel Group, Primark, Carrefour or Zara.

These experts will discuss topics such as omnichannel, ecommerce or the reinvention of the physical store after the health crisis, “engagement” in the digital age, Data Retail to meet the new customer, sustainability and the path to a sustainable company.

The Retail Forum 2020 entry will have a face-to-face and online format in September, it was first published on noticierotextil.net by Francesc Almenaon.

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