Modtissimo: recovery and sustainability

“Linked” is the theme of the next edition of the contest , which will take place on September 23 and 24  at the Alfândega do Porto. More than 80 companies have already confirmed their presence, reserving approximately 75% of the exhibition space.

The forum “Green Circle” and “iTechStyle” will also return to an event in which the Portuguese textile industry will emphasize its connection to sustainability , innovation and responsible production.

This event marks the recovery after the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic : “The scheduled exhibitors already occupy 75% of the surface of last year’s edition. It’s a way for the industry to start to recover ”, says Manuel Serrão , CEO of Associação Selectiva Moda , organizer of the textile fair . “There will be fewer fairs in the rest of the world, so we are convinced that a fair at this time may be of special interest,” he adds.

Under the theme “Linked”, Modtissimo will highlight the connection between the Portuguese textile industry and responsible and sustainable production . The ecological commitment is increasingly linked to the “made in Portugal” label, a characteristic that will be exhibited at the Alfândega do Porto.

Companies from different sectors (raw materials, fabrics, manufacturing and services) will present their latest developments, highlighting their sustainable solutions , which have increased exponentially, with a greater variety of products with less environmental impact, either by reusing resources or from waste. .

A link with responsible production that will also be highlighted in the “iTechStyle” and “Green Circle” innovation and sustainability forums , where the most technological and avant-garde innovations in the Portuguese industry will be shown.

To ensure the highest security for all exhibitors and visitors, Modtissimo is also planning a set of hygiene and social distance rules , to allow business contacts in the context of the pandemic. “In the short term, indicative rules will come out. We are talking with the health authorities to understand what measures should be taken so that everything can be carried out safely ” , concludes Manuel Serrão , CEO of Associação Selectiva Moda .

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