Pure Cashmere, pure passion since 1885. Five Generations of Entrepreneurs: the Lora & Festa family serves the world’s global luxury markets, it is renown for its noble luxury fibers including the fine cashmere of the Alashan region in Inner Mongolia.

It was founded as a vertical wool mill in 1885 in Quarona. By 1926 it was converted into a worsted spinning mill and then progressed to the production of noble yarns. In 2001 Edoardo Festa Bianchet established Lora & Festa in Hong Kong maintaining their offices in Italy, United States, Japan and China.

The “savoir-faire” acquired over two centuries has made Lora & Festa a spinning mill where innovation, creativity and sustainability are the guidelines of the company’s mission. With the help of Control Union, an independent leading certification authority, Lora & Festa has developed The Responsible Cashmere Standard, which aims to improve the welfare of cashmere goats, the lives of farmers and the environment in which they live.