Company: Creativity, Quality and Elegance

Almost 50 years of a long story, the story of Pinori filati, a company leader in the field of industrial knitting yarn. Creativity, quality and elegance in a perfect synthesis as the main points of Pinori yarn collections, but also research and innovation that has made the company a constant growth over the years. Pinori filati, with a strong tradition of bright, driven by a brilliant and modern know-how, it is in the forefront of a steady process towards finding the best solution in terms of product quality.

Philosophy: The Research, Ahead of Everything

Research, quality, identity are the basic motivations of each collection and the fundamentals of the corporate culture. Pinori Filati more than forty years of activity has distinguished itself on the market by marrying the expertise and the know-how with the desire to experiment through the attention to technological evolution and to the changes of consumers’ styles.

Raw Material: A Careful Selection

The use of natural fibers, the precious mixed (the alpaca from Peru, Argentina and wool from Australia, the Indian cotton) contribute to give value, tradition and personality to the product.

Products: Always Look at the Future

Pinori Filati SPA manufactures and sells three different product lines that manages internally. Designs and develops innovative yarns for knitting and weaving combed jersey which both shuttle and knitting. The company operates in all markets of the world through their own agents or seconded head offices. Pinori Yarn is recognized for the guarantee of a fashion and sportswear product with a strong value of service in the range of products and color options that are designed every year.