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We concentrate on the development, production, and worldwide marketing of highly specialised key components for the modification and treatment of synthetic yarns, particularly filament yarns.
New technologies open-up fascinating opportunities. Besides maintaining an established product range, we also systematically ensure innovation. This challenge is met by our leading specialists and an efficient infrastructure with cutting-edge systems for 3D design, flow simulation, yarn analysis, component measurement, and state-of-the-art processing machines.

We build key components for your machines and applications, offering professionals technology that has been created by professionals.


• Knowledge of the global market
• Textile Technology
• Ceramic machining
• Air interlacing jets for the POY spinning plant
• Air interlacing jets for the FDY spinning plant
• Air jets for ATY – production
• Air interlacing jets for DTY
• Air interlacing jets for air covering
• Air interlacing for draw warping
• Air components such as Air Splicer and Aspirators

Flagship product

Heberlein® TexJet-ATY: The TexJet-ATY produces superior yarn at high processing speeds. It is used to produce very fine to coarse yarns of made of polyester, polyamide (PA6 or PA6.6) and polypropylene and in the production of high-grade flame and effect yarns.

Heberlein AG
Bleikenstrasse 11
CH-9630 Wattwil

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