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Norsel Textilmaschinen AG


NORSEL AG is a manufacturer of labeling system since more than 30 years. The labeling system works for all kinds of textile raw materials – regardless of whether the raw material was produced from natural or synthetic yarns or whether the material to be marked was produced on a weaving, circular/warp knitting and non woven machine. NORSEL hardware and components ensure high quality label printing as well as proper sealing on all kind of knitting and woven fabrics. Our high quality label ensure readability and sustainability after all dyeing process like mercerizing, high temperature dyeing and ever after hot calendaring.


• On fabric labeling system for piece tracking through all textile process
• Reduce the number of human error caused of hand writing on grey fabrics and article sheets
• Saving of fabrics wastage by decreasing of marking size.
• No more re-working because of lost information on the fabrics
• No mix up of rolls during dyeing process.
• Easy sorting of fabric rolls and quick delivery
• Full control of fabric inventory

Norsel Textilmaschinen AG
Palmenstrasse 28
8280 Kreuzlingen

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