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Sedo Engineering develops new technology for Denim industry. Our Smart Indigo Technology brings a revolutionary change in global Denim / Jeans industry. Smart Indigo use Electricity instead of chemicals to reduce and make indigo able to dye. It’s the cleanest, cheapest and best way to use indigo. Beside Smart Indigo we offer several unique production control equipment, automation and industry 4.0 integration for denim industry. We have decades of experience in this field and offer Swiss quality products and services.


• Smart Indigo or the cleanest Denim/Jeans production
• Electricity instead of chemicals
• High sustainability
• More ecological and economical
• Reduce health hazard
• Better color consistency and performance
• Savings in wastewater treatments and energy
• Easy to handle and more efficient

Flagship product

Smart Indigo: Smart Indigo for Denim Industry – machine reduce indigo with electricity instead of chemicals

Sedo Engineering SA
Rue de Village
CH-1908 Riddes

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