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Exports Of Indian Synthetic and Rayon Textiles During April – March 2013-14

According to SRTEPC, total exports of Indian Synthetic and Rayon MMF textiles during 2013–14 were US$ 6027.53 Million against US$ 5249.30 Million during 2012–13 showing a growth of 14.83%.


  • Exports have witnessed a growth of nearly 15% in April-March 2013-14 as compared to the previous year.
  • Exports were directed to 146 countries during 2013-14.
  • Fabrics dominated the total exports with 39% share followed by Yarn 31%, Made-ups 22% and Fibre 8%.
  • The value-added products like fabrics and made-ups were the main export items accounting for 61% share.
  • All segments of Indian MMF textiles recorded growth in exports during the year.
  • Exports of Fabrics witnessed 25% growth followed Made-ups 24%, Yarn 3% and Fibres 1%.
  • Polyester Filament Fabrics (USD 849.92 Mn) was the leading fabric exported during 2013-14 followed by Synthetic Filament Fabrics (USD 512.60 Mn) and Polyester Viscose Fabrics (USD 358.36 Mn).
  • In case of yarn export, Polyester Filament Yarn was the leading item with USD 1023.41 Mn followed by Polyester Cotton Yarn with USD 160.84 Mn.
  • In Made-ups segment exports of Muffler, Shawls/Scarves were the leading items with USD 210.01 Mn and 131.91 Mn export respectively.
  • Exports to the sophisticated and quality conscious EU region have increased to 28% from 20% in the previous year.
  • UAE has emerged as the leading market for Indian MMF textiles exports.
  • Turkey has emerged as the 2nd largest market.
  • Neighbouring market Bangladesh has emerged as the 5th largest market.
  • Other major markets during April-March 2013-14 were U.S.A., Brazil, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, U.K., Germany, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, etc.

Product  Share

During April-March 2013-14, exports of Fabrics dominated in the total exports with 39% share, followed by Yarn 31%, Made-ups 22% and Fibre 8%.

Exports of Polyester Filament Fabrics dominated with a share of 36%. The major items of exports in this segment were Sarees, Shirtings, Suitings, Narrow woven Fabrics, Tyre cord fabrics, Parachute Fabrics and Umbrella Cloth. It is heartening to note that exports of fabrics like Synthetic Filament Fabrics and Polyester Viscose Fabrics have registered significant growth of 63% and 20% respectively.


In the yarn segment growth was nearly 3% during 2013-14. Polyester Filament yarn continues to be the main export items with exports of USD 1023.41 Mn. followed by Polyester-Viscose with USD 181.20 Mn. and Polyester-Cotton Yarn with USD 160.84 Mn.

Exports of Polyester-Viscose yarn had witnessed significant growth of 43%. Exports of Viscose-Cotton Yarn also witnessed excellent growth of 109% followed by Acrylic-Cotton 58% and Viscose Filament Yarn 33%.


Export of Indian MMF Made-ups witnessed a growth of 24% during 2013-14 as compared to the previous year. Main made-ups items with significant growth are Blanket 86%, Motifs 71%, Muffler 44%, Fishing net 19% and shawls/scarves 10%.


Exports of Fibres witnessed only 1% growth during 2013-14 as compared to that of last year. However, exports of Polyester Staple Fibre which is the dominant fibre in total export have witnessed 13% growth.

Exports of Viscose Staple Fibre showed negative growth of 27% whereas Acrylic fibres recorded excellent growth, 276% growth in exports of Acrylic staple and 190% growth in exports of Acrylic Filament Fibre.

Direction Of Trade

Exports of Man-made Fibre Textiles from India were directed to 146 countries during 2013-14. The sophisticated European Union has emerged as the leading destination for India’s MMF textiles exports with a share of 28%, followed by the far flung North & South America with 21% and neighboring Asia 21%, Middle East/Gulf 20% and Africa 10%. It may be noted that during 2013-14 exports of Indian MMF textiles to the EU region have gone up to 28% from 20% witnessed in the previous year. However, during 2013-14 exports to Middle East/Gulf have declined to 20% from 24% in the previous year.

Leading Markets

The leading market for India’s MMF textile exports during 2013-14 was U.A.E. with an export of US$ 588.07 Mn. Other leading markets during the year were Turkey, U.S.A., Brazil, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, U.K., Germany, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, etc.

Exports of Indian MMF textiles have declined in major markets like Egypt and Pakistan. The main reasons for decline in our exports to Egypt may be due to the political crisis that occurred and continued in Egypt during 2012-13 and consequent adverse impact on trade and business. Exports to Pakistan have also been affected due to continued political and civil crisis in Pakistan. Moreover, unresolved trade issues/relations between Indian and Pakistan have adversely impacted exports from India.

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