AEI Tèxtils: A Cluster of Advanced Textile Materials Companies in Catalania


AEI Tèxtils: A Cluster of Advanced Textile Materials Companies in Catalania

What is a cluster?

Clusters are geographic concentrations of interconnected companies and institutions in a particular field. Clusters encompass an array of linked industries and other entities important to competition. (Michael Porter. The Competitive Advantage of Nations. 1990)

Clusters promote the creation and maturation of new ideas in networks of cooperating companies and institutions. They also lower the barriers to transform new ideas into real business opportunities and to harvest the benefits of globalization.

They allow SMEs to take advantage of the new opportunities that arise in the global economy, being a key driver in the attraction of capital, people and knowledge.

What is AEI Tèxtils?

AEI Tèxtils is a cluster, structured as a non-profit association, which aims to bring together all Catalan companies and entities directly or indirectly linked to the sector of advanced textile materials, making up a specialized production pole with competitive advantages.

advanced textile materials cluster

What are advanced textile materials?

Advanced textile materials are materials that meet high technical-qualitative requirements (mechanical performance, thermal performance, durability, etc.), giving them the ability to adapt to a specific function and to their environment, whether in the traditional clothing or household sectors, or specifically in any of the markets that the sector comprises:

advanced textile materials

Members of AEI Tèxtils Cluster

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