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Budapest Central European Fashion Week by Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency has started


The Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency is organising the Budapest Central European Fashion Week, one of the region’s most prominent bi-annual fashion events, for the 10th time. This season, in cooperation with Ukrainian Fashion Week, among Hungarian and regional designers, Ukrainian designers are in the spotlight. It showcases the best Hungarian and regional fashion designers, emerging brands and young talents.

The jubilee Budapest Central European Fashion Week has officially started, so fashion-themed programmes will enliven our capital again. The event series will be accompanied by exciting side events all around the city, and 24 brands, including Ukrainian, Polish, and Hungarian talents, will present their newest 2023 Spring/Summer collections at the weekend. The BCEFW’s catwalk will be placed in the impressive building of the Museum of Fine Arts again, where, besides the fashion shows, seven brands will be present as exhibitors. At the same time, the BCE Showroom will provide a tranquil atmosphere for the professional audience and buyers to get to know the collections in detail. Besides personal participation, the events can be followed online on the BCEFW’s official Facebook page and TikTok channel.


Between the 29th of August and the 4th of September, 2022, the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency will realise one of the region’s determining fashion events, the Budapest Central European Fashion Week, before the international fashion weeks. The fashion week to be held for the second time this year will open its gates for the 10th time now and will animate the centre of Budapest for a whole week with almost 30 fashion-themed programmes.

BCEFW is considered the leading fashion event in the Central European region based on its results so far. The success achieved in the last nine seasons proves this: nearly 200 catwalk shows were realised with the participation of 220 models and about 20 thousand on-site visitors. In addition, over 150 side events were organised all over Budapest, so all in all, 130 domestic and regional brands had the opportunity to present their collections to an interested audience. Furthermore, online activity is not negligible either: TikTok has had over 1.5 million video views in the last two seasons, and over 13.5 million users interested in fashion were reached on Instagram.

As a professional organisation, the HFDA was founded to improve the Hungarian fashion and design industry, in addition to which it is continuously aspiring to support regional designers. In line with these principles, the HFDA wants to provide every support possible to Ukrainian designers in the present situation; thus, it will work in close cooperation with the Ukrainian Fashion Week during the jubilee event.

The catwalk shows presenting 2023 Spring/Summer collections will be housed in the Museum of Fine Arts again. For two days, 15 Hungarian and 2 Polish designers will be showcased alongside 7 Ukrainian brands, who will be playing a special role. Besides participating in person, you can watch the catwalk shows online on BCEFW’s official Facebook page and TikTok channel.

In addition to the fashion shows, almost 30 side events will be realised around Budapest, as fashion-themed roundtable discussions and workshops will enrich the programme. Besides, considering international best practices, some designers in Hungary are preparing a show or presentation, especially for their relevant public, at an external venue of their choice during the fashion week.

The Agency’s accentuated goal is to connect the Hungarian fashion and design industry to the global professional flow and, in the long run, turn Budapest into a regional centre, strengthening the country’s image. To achieve this, an important pillar is the organisation of events that attract international interest, such as the BCEFW.

This year, one of the global logistic partners of the sector, a key actor in the world’s most widely known fashion events, DHL, joins the programme again; thus, the fashion week bears the name BCEFW delivered by DHL. Similarly to previous years, the Agency will offer the amount received from ticket sales to the Hungarian Interchurch Aid. The organisation will dedicate the amount to its programme helping Ukrainians.

About Budapest Central European Fashion Week (BCEFW)

Organised by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, Budapest Central European Fashion Week (BCEFW) – Delivered by DHL – is a series of multi-day programmes based on international examples, held twice a year in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. The event is one of the main fashion events in Central Europe, and its presence with themed accompanying programmes and exclusive services, as well as international standards, ensures the introduction of Hungarian and Central European designers to the fashion industry, the press, and the general public.

The Agency joined the “Support Ukrainian Fashion” initiative, within which it closely cooperates with the organisers of the Ukrainian Fashion Week, therefore Ukrainian designers will present their latest collections in Budapest, for the first time in Europe. In addition to the catwalk shows held at the Museum of Fine Arts, the designers’ pieces will be shown at several locations, so that representatives of the profession can take a closer look at the 2023 spring-summer collections.

The key goal is to implement a fashion event through which Budapest – as a dominant fashion capital of the region – can be placed on the global fashion map, making it more attractive to those visiting Hungary.

Each season BCEFW creates a curated exhibition space for accessories and fashion designers. Design-related activities and exhibitions, special venues and the best local bars, hotels, restaurants are involved as side events to show the Budapest vibes to the visitors.

Special guided hospitality programmes are organised for press, influencer and buyer guests.

More information at: https://bcefw.com/

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