Senorics: Developers of new sensors that can be used to identify materials and quantify their composition

Senorics Material Sensing

Senorics Material Sensing: Find composition of textiles and fabrics instantly

Senorics is a high-tech company from Dresden, Germany, using its technology to prepare near-infrared spectroscopy technology for the mass market. It was founded in 2017 and is a spin-off company of the Dresden University of Technology.

Using new sensors, qualitative and quantitative non-destructive rapid detection of substances (liquid and solid) (such as food, agricultural products, synthetics, textiles and pharmaceuticals) can be carried out. The sensor is small in size, low in cost, powerful and capable of resisting external influences such as vibration. Therefore, this technology is very suitable for qualitative or quantitative analysis in consumer products, such as household appliances and mobile electronic products, thereby benefiting end users.

When using this spectroscopy technology, the near-infrared light is irradiated on the sample, and the algorithm developed by Senorics is used to identify the material composition and content of the sample through the wavelength of the reflected light.

Senorics focuses on the development of new sensors that can be used to identify materials and quantify the composition of materials. These sensors are very small, low cost, powerful, and resistant to external influences. They provide an OEM module that can be applied to existing applications, as well as a handheld device and services, such as the creation of specific chemometric models and algorithms. The measurement using our equipment is non-destructive, fast and simple.

SenoSense complete kit

Senorics’ SenoSense complete kit

Senorics’ SenoSense complete kit contains a combination of detector and lighting device, which is a ready-to-use sensor system. If you are looking for a complete, ready-to-use sensor module including lighting for your product, then Senorics’ complete SenoSense suite is your best choice.

SenoCorder Solid

Senorics’s SenoCorder Solid

Senorics’s SenoCorder Solid, which is specially designed to detect solids (such as textiles), can be used at any time. You can test our Senorics technology with easy-to-operate plug-and-play equipment. SenoCorder also includes a textile identification display so that you can test more easily.

Following video shows an example of the enhanced speed of measurement, detecting the moisture levels in a carpet.

Following video shows an example of Textile Analysis with SenoCorder Solid.

Contact details:

Raecknitzhoehe 35
01217 Dresden
Phone: +49 351 85032400
Website: www.senorics.com

Conquering Textile Applications with Senorics´ Material Sensing Solution

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