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“World Trade in an Uncertain World”

Editor-NCMIf the global events of the first three months of 2017 are any indication of the kind of future to be expected then it is hard to dismiss the reality that we’ve entered a new era. The new geopolitical instability and uncertain economic landscape are very scary. The uncertainty has always been an integral feature of the world we live in. After all, it is our own creation. However, the stakes were never so high if one looks in terms of the reverse globalization. Every nation wants to be safe, independent, prosperous and be respected by others but sadly, does very little to appreciate that others also have these very same wish list. Continue reading “World Trade in an Uncertain World”


The World Bank has warned that there could be a more severe global crisis than that of 2008 due to a a very likely slump in global economic growth and has called for preparations to bear the possible shocks in the near future. There is already recession in Europe and a visible slowdown in India, Brazil, and China other developing economies. The rising oil prices will worsen the global financial scenario further. The Indian textile sector, among others, is under acute pressure forcing the government to work out a debt restructuring program for most of the players who borrowed money to modernize and/or expand expecting a boom in demand. The slowdown in the US economy and the debt crisis in Europe have taken a heavy toll and the industry continues to feel the heat. Continue reading Crisis—>Innovation—>Automation—>Ethics—>Profit