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“Indian Exporters Must Seriously Explore Japan”

Editor-NCMFirst the official factsheet on Indian Textiles (Source: Textiles India 2017 to be held in June in Gandhinagar). Fibre: 2nd largest fibre producer in the world (9 mn tonnes of fibre production in 2015-16); 2nd largest producing in silk and MMF; One of the major producers of wool. Yarn: 2nd largest installed spindle and rotor capacity in the world with more than 52 mn spindles and approx. 8,70,000 routers; Spun yarn production approx. 5700 mn kg in 2015-16; Filament year production approx. 1200 mn kg in 2015-16. Fabric: Biggest installed weaving capacity in the world with more than 4.9 mn looms including 2.4 mn handlooms; Fabric production approx. 66 bn sq. meters in 2015-16; Diverse fabric mix with focus on cotton based products. Apparel: Garment production for exports estimated at 3400 mn pieces annually and for domestic market at 5600 mn pieces annually; 12.9 mn workers employed out of which 70% are women. Continue reading “Indian Exporters Must Seriously Explore Japan”

“Sell Yarn Before Buying Cotton”

Sounds strange but this is what is being advised to spinners during these difficult and
uncertain market conditions, worldwide. Spinners should sell yarn before they buy cotton. No doubt, the impact of temporary caution due to the global economic crisis in 2008 has slowly disappeared. But the world now faces a new crisis in which even developed nations with strong economies are also worried and feel directionless. All this due to the harsh fact that during the past few years the rules of global business have changed. The basic rules of demand and supply determining the price are no longer valid thanks to the speculative buying and selling in the commodity markets. Expectations, rather than the values of real production and consumption, determine the price. In recent years, papers – rather than actual commodities – have been traded physically. Brokers who have not seen any real cotton are the ones who determine the price. Continue reading “Sell Yarn Before Buying Cotton”