Melt Blowing Process

Melt Blown Technology

The melt blowing process was originally designed by Exxon Chemical in the mid 1960’s.

Melt blowing is one of the jet-spinning methods. This method creates a self-bonding, binderless web of extremely fine fibers. Melt blowing is done by rapid extrusion of molten thermoplastic resins from a die with multi-hole using hot and high-pressure air. The fine fibers are collected carefully on a conveyer.

Melt Blowing Process

About Nonwovens

The nonwovens are sheet, web or pad bonded together entangling fiber mechanically, thermally or chemically without being woven or knitted. The raw materials of the Nonwoven are natural materials such as cotton and wool, synthetic fiber, recycled fiber and pulp etc.

The nonwoven is used in every scene of the everyday life such as a shoulder pad and a padding material of clothes, a diaper, a tape, etc. And they are applied for mask media, a drape for operation, civil engineering and construction materials, etc.

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