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List of Textile and Garment Manufacturers in Ethiopia


Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers’ Association (ETGAMA) is a national association of textile and garment industry. ETGAMA currently represents nearly 100 member factories operating in textiles and garment manufacturing (both domestic and FDI members)

Ethiopia has an enormous export potential in the textile and garment industry which is growing annually at about an average of 25% in the past 10 years. Ethiopia has 3 million hectares of land suitable for cotton production. The companies in the textile and garment sector are exporting 172 million USD to the United States and European market destinations in 2019

The Textile and Garment Sector of Ethiopia is attracting foreign investment following the establishment of 13 industrial parks located in different regions of Ethiopia and the industry is positioning itself for massive growth in the future targeting to reach 2.4 billion USD in 2022 according to the 10 Years development plan of Ethiopia.


Ethiopian Textile and Garment Manufacturers' Association (ETGAMA) - Members

CompanyContact PersonPhoneLocationEmail
Addis Garment S.C.OMr Asrat Adunga0113 715216Tor Hailoch[email protected]
Africa Cottons P.L.CMr Kamillo Kalamai0114 404864Saris Ind. Village[email protected]
Akaki Textile FactoryMr Tesgahun Danku0114 341666Akaki[email protected]
Al-Asr industryMr Asghar Ali Merchant0116 188987Dukem, Bole[email protected]
Almeda Textile FactoryMr. Teklemariam Tesfu034 7711483
Al-medi industriesMr Mohammed Kazin0116 616835/36Dukem, Dabi[email protected]
Ambassador GarmentMr Seid Mohammod0116 464306 [email protected]
Arba Minch Textile FactoryMr Safi0113710919Adot Multiplex S.A[email protected]
ASBM industrialMr Abiy gedey0116 616604Friendship city cent.[email protected]
ABEM GarmentMr Degu Getachew0114 197697 [email protected]
Bahirdar Textile FactoryMr Mengestu0115 531381Bahirdar[email protected]
Belayneh Beka ButtonMr Zerihune Gossaye0114 196276Lebu Ind. Zone[email protected],
Concept InetrnaionalMs Lili Betru0114 422601/02Saris Ind. Zone[email protected]
Crown TextileMr Menelik Mulualem0114 370833Debre Zeit
D.H Geda Blanket FactoryMr Yohannes Tefera0114 343302Akaki, Kaliti[email protected]
Debre Berhan Blanket FactoryMr Asefawe Baye0116 812417 [email protected],
Ediget Garment P.L.CMr Berhanu Degafu0111 236320Shiro Meda[email protected]
Ediget Yarn Factory/ crwnMr Menelik0113 716549Sar Bet
Elnal P.L.CMs Elizabeth0114 431303 [email protected]
Etab Entre GarmentMr Berehane Tekie0116 478447 [email protected]
Ethio-japan Nylon FactoryMs Wonieshet Shewatswga0115 509065Mojo[email protected]
EMD GarmentMr Eliyas Mulugeta0113 212907Lafto[email protected]
Feleke GarmentMr Mahtsentu Feleke0114 196169/67Lebu Ind. Zone[email protected]
G.G Super Garment FactoryMr Getachew Biratu0114 337500/01/02Dukem[email protected]
GMM GarmentMr Zeweldi Tekleab0114 197374Lafto Ind. Village[email protected]
Gulele Garment FactoryMr Berihu leake0112 702266Gulele[email protected]
Haile GarmentMr Haile G/Egzabher0114 198130Lafto Ind. Village[email protected]
Kebire EneterpriseMr Fikresilassie0115 520575Mekelle[email protected]
KK textile FactoryMr Ayalew0115 159015Akaki[email protected]
Knit to FinishDr Worku Zewode0114 45 0036Akaki[email protected]
Kombolcha TextileMr Mustafa0115 513797Kombolcha[email protected]
Mantle Trading P.L.CMr Alehegne Assefa0911 204405Kality[email protected]
Novastar GarmentMr Mohammod0116 638282Gelan[email protected]
Trio Craft Garment PLCMs Elizabeth Kassa0114 440075Saris Ind. Village[email protected]
Wossi GarmentMs Wossene Hailu0114 42 24 40Saris Ind. Village[email protected]
Yonis GarmentMr Solomn Dibaba0114 40 34 50Saris Ind. Zone[email protected]
Else Addis Industrial Dev. PlcMr Desalegn Frew116 632 845Adama, Bole A.A[email protected]
Garment EvolutionMr.Yonas911638783----[email protected]
Yergalem Addis TextileMrs Yergalem Asfaw0114422300Saris[email protected]
Ayka AddisMr Mohammed0930 013 710Sebeta[email protected]
BM Ethiopia Tex. & Garm S.Co.Mr. Nardos0114422705Saris[email protected]
Gone GarmentMr Goshu Negash0116292365Gerji, A.A[email protected]
Desta GarmentEyob Bekele0116299951Gerji, A.A[email protected]
SudakoMeweaz0922428115----[email protected]
Tiyes GarmentColonel Fekadu0911767030------
Muya EthiopiaSara Abera01123221636 Killo[email protected]
Adama SpinningFeleke Bekele0115549170---[email protected]
Etur TextileUsman Bashoglu0116634081/84Adama and Bole[email protected],
Firke Factory PLcN Mary0114198687Lebu Samuel Bld,Office no 215[email protected]
Big M GarmentElias Meshesha0114423556/57Ayertena Infront of Kadisco Paints[email protected]
Hay garmentZelealem Belay0911604774Bole Sub city[email protected]
Haya GarmentGenet Abebe091656526Nifas Silk Lafto[email protected]
Lucy GarmentMickiyas Hailu0114426188Saris Ind. Village[email protected]
FirkeMr Nmary0114198687KOLFE[email protected]
Don door HandcraftMahmud Hassen0115525523---[email protected]
Nigist/ Sammy ExportSammy Mohammed0113728080/77Nifas Silk Lafto[email protected]
Saba harKathy Marshal0113215113Mekanisa[email protected]
Angels Cotton and TextileMeron Gizaw0116630558Legetafo[email protected]
Tehut Knitting and GarmentAlemayew Tafesse0939657880kaliti[email protected]
Eltex textile & garment factoryMr. Eliyas Tesfaye0112791598klaiti. Addis ababa[email protected]
Yoas Tibeb PLCMrs.shitaye knife0116546674Addis Ababa[email protected]
MNSMr Mahamoud0924871300Legetafo[email protected]
MLK GarmentMr Melaku0910248094---[email protected]
Zhonget TextileMr Fikrie0911215497---[email protected]
Z Red GarmentMr Henok0911695031---[email protected]
Arakel PLCMrs. Arabella0910454345---[email protected]
TGA Garment PLCMr Tsegazeab-------[email protected]
ELEELA Garment PLCMr Birhanu------[email protected]
Yabetse PLCMr Adane0118829272---[email protected]
Senmul GarmentMr Dereje0911204065---[email protected]
Berhanu Tsehay GarmentMr Birhanu0912699343---[email protected]
Kanoria Africa TextileMr Dinakaran0935999057---[email protected]
Grace Garment PLCMr Tesema0911524415---[email protected]
Ausan Industry PLCMr Hassan------[email protected]
Gaber Garment PLCMs Jennet0966205139---[email protected]
CBA GarmentMs Blen0961646464---[email protected]
Alemgena Textile PLCMr Yonas0935998546----[email protected]
Shawshanti Garment plcMr Esmail0911970301---[email protected]
Zama Garment---0911459390---[email protected]
Linde GarmentMr Taylor0937896666---[email protected]
Hella Indochin GarmentMr Raghav0913262116---[email protected]
Yeab Bisrat GarmentMr Tsegaye0912159650---[email protected]
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