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Enormous Ecological and Eco-nomic savings with Bianco tnK11!

Bianco co. demonstrates an ongoing commitment towards the reduction of resource consumption and pollutant emissions of it’s washing machines.

In Bianco company has been made so much in order to reduce the power consumptions and to find innovative solutions for the reduction of co2 emissions in the productive row. The focus is on all irreplaceable resources available to man, in order to care for and preserve them. From this comes the washing tank bianco tnK11, wich was born to reduce the water consumption in the finishing processes.

The washing system for enzymatic residuals tnK11 which, created for the washing of fabrics after enzymatic treatments, can be installed on Slitters, Rope Openers and Stenter Padding Mangles. The system bianco tnK11 is easy to fit on existing plants, concurring also the removal of the more tenacious pilling.
The tank, made of stainless steel, is equipped with sensors for the water level control, in order to avoid some indiscriminate use; sensors exactly detect the liquid level without foam.

The washing nozzles of TNK11 system

The washing action happens through a series of special spraying nozzles placed along the 4 water pipes, which eliminate all impurities on and inside the fabric. The system allows you to adjust both the flow rate and the output pressure from the nozzles, adjusting the aggressiveness of the washing and the amount of water needed for different types of fabric and to remove residues reducing of water consumption.

The washing unit has superior sliding doors to avoid water splashing outside the tank during the washing process, so avoiding to waste not even a drop water.

New self-cleaning drum filter

The waste water of the washing process is collected inside the trough, pumped to a filter system located beside the washing tank, and after filtering the recovered water is pumped back to the spray nozzles of the washing tank. The washing tank for enzymatic residuals has been created in order to clean the fabric after enzymatic treatment. It is installed at the squeezing roller inlet, in slitting lines and rope openers as well as in Stenter inlet’s squeezing rollers. Bianco TNK11 system can be added on existing plants and is compatible with machines Bianco and other machines.

Bianco S.p.A. was founded in 1974 and is a global name in the textile machinery industry specialising in fabric finishing. Bianco has the collaboration in two associated companies located in China and India as well as a valuable team of agents and representatives operating worldwide.

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