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MANTRA : Centre of Excellence in Technical Textiles

Centre of Excellence in Technical Textiles
(Coating and Laminating)
Man-Made Textiles Research Association (MANTRA)

MANTRA has been designated as Centre of Excellence (COE) in Technical Textiles by the Government of Gujarat and as Phase-I coating and lamination facilities have been introduced. The Centre of Excellence will provide state-of-the-art facilities for R&D product development, HRD and testing. This will help parallel growth of textiles as well as technical textiles industry in India in general and South Gujarat in particular.With advances in sporting activities, the need for specialist sportswear has also risen. Layered clothing has been developed, with each layer providing different properties and benefits. The structure of each layer has to work in harmony with the next layer Breathability is a major consideration, water vapour and perspiration need to escape, while water should not penetrate the clothing. Based on the layering principle, ten multilayer sportswear textile fabrics have been developed. Knitted fabrics (nylon, polyester, PLA, silk) have been used to make the multilayer fabrics on the three-layer and two-layer system. The three layer fabrics consist of : 1. Inner layer which is light-weight, soft and breathable. 2. Middle layer of breathable polyurethane membrane. 3. Outer layer, which acts as a protective layer and is made of a higher mass per unit area fabric.

The two-layer fabrics consist of an inner breathable, lower mass per unit area fabric while the outer layer has a higher mass per unit area with lower breathability. From the tests conducted on these fabrics it was found that they have lower (i) air permeability as compared to commercial active sportswear T-shirts (ii) moisture vapour transmission. However, thermal conductivity, water penetration resistance and dimensional stability are better than commercial active sportswear T-shirts. The multilayer fabrics can be used for outer jackets, blouses, T-shirts for sports such as tennis, cycling, hiking and skiing, where high wind conditions prevail. Mantra is fully equipped with most modern pilot scale coating & lamination plant ans machinery. Contact details :

Man-Made Textiles Research Association (MANTRA)
Near Textile Market, Telephone Exchange, Ring Road, Surat – 395002, Gujarat, India.
Tel : +91 – 0261 – 2323211 , 2337062 Director : +91 – 0261 – 2322500 E-mail : [email protected]

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