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Profiles of Indian Apparel Exporters

The global apparel sales for 2016 are likely to exceed $1.4tn with the U.S. accounting for more than $300bn. There is a strong feeling that China’s dominant position – as the largest apparel exporter for the last 10 years – will change in coming years. The South Asian region has a huge and competitive apparel production business accounting for 12% of total global apparel exports. Countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam have mass production, aggressive exports and low production costs. They are doing exceedingly well in the global export market. In fact, they have stolen a march on India in recent years. India would have to boost trade through preferential agreements with key markets to secure greater market share to catch up with them.

In this section we provide profiles of Indian Apparel Exporters for the benefit of  who are interested in sourcing from India.

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