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ITM 2021 Will Accelerate the Textile Sector that Has Become Stationary Due to Pandemic

The ITM 2021 Exhibition, which is postponed to 22-26 June 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, will direct the world and Turkish textile industry, which will demonstrate a vigorous comeback in the post-pandemic period.

The ITM Exhibition, which was planned to be held between 2-6 June this year, was postponed to 22-26 June 2021 due to the troublesome Coronavirus pandemic. Participating companies in countries that had to interrupt their production, especially Italy, France, Spain, Germany and China, which were most affected by the virus, welcomed the postponement of the ITM Exhibition. The countries, holding similar opinions that it is not possible to save from the pandemic without effective drug treatment or vaccine against coronavirus, started normalization process by increasing their protective measures while fighting against the pandemic. The wheels started to turn again in the factories, and production and orders gained momentum.

Turkish Textile Industry Displayed Its Strength

Turkey, which did not affected from pandemic as much as other countries due the number of cases and death rates progress low and continues its production especially in textile sector, will be the correct address for the exhibitions to be held in the post-pandemic period. While occurring shortage of mask and protective clothing all over the world, Turkey which has a strong infrastructure in the field of textile, garments, nonwoven has supplied personal protective equipment to the world on the one hand, while meeting its own needs. Turkey has shown that it is one of the largest producers and raw material suppliers of the world and Europe in this process. The major brands and companies in Europe and the United States shifted their orders from China to Turkey, due to China being the starting point of the Coronavirus pandemic. Turkey, which will accelerate technological investments due to the increase in production, will continue to lead the world textile industry.

ITM 2021 Will Be the Meeting Point of Textile Technology Leaders

ITM 2021 Exhibition, which will be held between 22-26 June next year, will coincide with the period when the global economy will resuscitate, which will increase the interest of the companies to the exhibition. Thus, thousands of international exhibitors will choose the ITM 2021 Exhibition, which is the meeting point of textile technology leaders, to highlight their latest innovations.

State of the Art Technologies and New Products to Meet Textile Investors

This synergy in the Turkish textile industry will have a positive impact on the ITM 2021 Exhibition. Next year, the latest technologies and new products that will be demonstrated at the ITM 2021 Exhibition, which will open its doors at Istanbul Tuyap Exhibition and Congress Center, will meet textile investors from all over the world.

About ITM

ITM International Textile, Yarn, Knitting, Weaving, Dyeing, Printing, Finishing and Hosiery Machineries, Sub-Industries and Chemicals Exhibition organized by Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc & Teknik Fairs Inc. partnership with the Cooperation of TEMSAD (Turkish Textile & Machinery Industrialists Association) will be held at TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center, Istanbul – Turkey. More than 1000 textile technology producer companies are presenting their latest models in operation. ITM, the largest exhibition in Turkey and in the region, is among the most important exhibitions in the World.

ITM 2018 Exhibition, which hosted the launches of textile technologies, was held in 13 halls with 1150 participants from 64 countries. The exhibition hosted more than 14.248 international visitors from 94 countries including Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Romania and a total of 58.942 people visited the exhibition. Purchasing delegations from Albania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Moldova, Tunisia, Iran, India, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Panama, Czech Republic and Russia came to the ITM 2018.

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