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Blockchain tech will see traceability realised faster

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The fashion industry is on its way to evolution, it remained so long exploited, and while a bunch of made profits, a larger group suffered the consequences. Blockchain is giving a means to successfully integrate transparency mechanism and let the control of the user’s product with the user.

Adopting blockchain technology will make integration of end-to-end traceability faster and easier for companies, according to a group of denim brands speaking at the recent Kingpins Transformers Foundation digital event.

Jordan Nodarse of denim brand Boyish, Tony Tonnaer of Kings of Indigo and Anna Foster of E.L.V Denim spoke on the Visionary Brands’ Panel with moderator Ani Wells of Simply Suzette, as part of the organisation’s Catalysts summit; its first as a non-profit entity. Wells asked the three about their efforts around sustainability and what their thoughts were on adopting blockchain technologies as an enabler for traceability. Foster said depending on the size of the business, blockchain adoption would be embraced differently.

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