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Lenzing partners with Neutrogena to launch compostable wipes

ultra-soft cleansing towelettes

Plant-based Compostable Towelettes

LENZING – Lenzing has partnered with Neutrogena to transition the production of its market-leading makeup removal wipes to 100% Veocel plant-based fibres. The new wipes utilize Veocel branded fibres made with renewable wood from sustainably managed and certified forests. The makeup removal wipes can be composted at home in 35 days, eliminating waste which ends up in a landfill.

Conventional makeup removal wipes are popular because of how convenient they are – users simply wipe off makeup after a long day. However, popular makeup removal wipes mostly contain polyester, polypropylene, and rayon, making them unable to decompose. Their one-time usage means they are sent to landfills or many people flush them down the toilet, clogging the sewer system or leaking microplastics into waterways.

The goal of this new partnership is to develop a product that has moved on from synthetic materials to an entirely cellulose-based solution. These new Neutrogena makeup removal wipes are described as ultra-soft, while also retaining the same effective cleaning function of its predecessors, with oil-based technology and micelle-infused water.

Jean Francois De Gruttola, head of Business Development said: “We are very excited about the development with the Neutrogena America team that started back in 2019. The journey began with product development based on moving from an offering of plastics and synthetic materials to an entirely cellulose-based solution.

“It shows that using cellulosic fibres not only addresses the renewability of ingredients, but also demonstrates that there are actual solutions to divert single-use products from landfills.”

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