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1083 jeans are the most Made in France in the world!


1083jeans1083: this is the number of kilometers that separate Menton and Porspoder, the two French towns furthest from France. While traditional jeans travel an average of 65,000 km, our promise is simple: jeans that are spun + dyed + woven + made within 1083 km of your home. Thanks to the relocation of all the manufacturing stages with efficiency, transparency, respect and enthusiasm, our jeans are the most Made in France in the world! At 1083 we have a global ethical approach (eco-design, manufacturing, distribution) to build a more sustainable world and transmit our ideas through fashion. Our mission: Get everyone to produce and consume in the circular economy!


1083: The French Jeans Manufacturer

Did you know that conventional jeans travel up to 65,000 km during their manufacture, while only 1,083 km separate the two most distant towns in France (Menton and Porspoder)? In 2013, we launched our brand 1083 by creating ” the most made in France jeans in the world “! By relocating month after month, know-how after know-how, as much as possible our production chain within France , we are taking the opposite view of the jeans market. To achieve this, the know-how of the seamstresses in our workshops is invaluable. This is why we created our jeans school in September 2018.in Romans, showcasing the French manufacture of jeans. 1083 now means more than 150 jobs created in France, including 70 direct jobs!

Since the beginning of our adventure, all 1083 jeans have been made from GOTS certified organic cotton. Coming from Tanzania where irrigation is reasoned, this organic cotton does not pollute the water cycle. Opt for the circular economy with our new Infini range : the first recycled, infinitely recyclable and returnable jeans! A deposit system ensures the recovery of your jeans at the end of their life. And the circle is complete!


1083 Jeans employs the laser washing machine developed by Spanish company Jeanologia which saves up to 95% water compared to the traditional process (0.3 liters of water per jeans, the equivalent of a glass of water, against 5 liters usually), a 50% reduction in chemicals and 79% in energy!!

Key Features:

  • Our organic cotton mainly comes from Tanzania, Benin or Mali, where natural irrigation limits the need for artificial irrigation;
  • All our jeans are made of organic cotton so as not to pollute the water with pesticides;
  • All our jeans are dyed in dyehouses equipped with purification stations according to European standards;
  • All our jeans are laser washed without a single drop of water.

Registered Address

49 avenue Gambetta, 26100 Romans-sur-Isere
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.1083.fr/

Watch the operations at 1083 Jeans clothing workshop, based in Romans-sur-Isère!

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