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Biocrystal® powder – a 100% natural stress relief bedding component

biocrystal powder

BC Tech company is a creator and exclusive provider of highly efficient Biocrystal® powder – an award-winning and scientifically validated bedding component based on 100% natural crystals.

With headquarters in Europe, (Rijeka, Croatia), BC Tech company is globally present through agents in China, Brazil, India, Russia, and the USA working with bedding industry companies all over the world.

Biocrystal® – 100% natural stress relief technology

Biocrystal® is proven to provide an anti-stress effect when inserted into mattress or foam. Biocrystal® brings the best from earth crust to your bed, using exclusively 100% natural crystals, without any additives and provides a proven active anti-stress treatment. It works during the night by providing stress relief to your body. It calms heartbeat, slows down rapid breathing, and relaxes muscle tension. It all leads to a reduction of stress and significantly improves sleep. You could improve the duration and quality of your sleep by simply relaxing body and mind during bedtime.

Biocrystal® fabric – the ultimate solution for bedding manufacturers

Biocrystal® fabric is carefully designed for a super easy implementation into any kind of bedding products (mattress, pillows, toppers) as their inner sewn layer, placed together with other layers of your product.

If you are a bedding manufacturer and want to provide much needed stress-relief experience to your customers, you are on the right place to making it happen. We present to you the Biocrystal® fabric – multipurpose stress relief layer, the latest solution coming from Biocrystal® world.

By implementing Biocrystal® fabric layer into your product, you are offering scientifically proven properties of Biocrystal® to your customers:

  • reduced level of stress,
  • faster relaxation,
  • reduced muscle tension,
  • increased oxygen level,
  • decreased impact of EMF (electromagnetic field).

Implementation methods


  • Foam infusion
  • Sprinkling method
  • Coating and laminating – for textile


The 3 mm latex layer empowered with Biocrystal® technology offers a more significant amount of crystals on a smaller product surface, making it suitable for use in car seats, office chairs, eye masks, insoles and products for the aviation industry, in addition to bedding. With its primary components of viscose, latex and Biocrystal powder, the product is available in a width of 157 cm and weight of 680 g/m2. Biocrystal technology offers end users an anti-stress experience without any additional time or effort.

Contact details:

BC TECH d.o.o.
Žrtava Fašizma 2, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia
Email: [email protected] Tel: +385(0) 51 688 510

(NCM has not verified any of the claims made by BC Tech company. Please deal with the company based on your own interactions and judgement)

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