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Fong’s ALLWIN High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine

The ALLWIN High Temperature Package Dyeing Machine offers an unprecedented liquor ratio as low as 1:4 with its integrated design of REV-pump, heat exchanger and the flow reversing system (patent granted). The newly designed integrated circulating system results in space saving by approx. 30% as compared with conventional machine arrangements.

The versatile machine is suitable for various types of fibres: natural and man-made fibres and their blends: 100% cotton, polyester, polyester/cotton, acrylic, polyamide (nylon), wool, ramie/cotton etc. Different forms of yarns can be dyed such as packages, cheese, cones, hanks, loose fibre, etc. The capacity range goes from 28 kg to 9129 kg.

According to the test conducted by Fong’s National Engineering Co., Ltd, ALLWIN dyeing machines shorten the total processing time for cotton yarn down to 276 minutes, saving electrical and water consumption respectively by over 40% and chemical cost by 19% compared with conventional machines. The ILC Intelligent Levelling Control System monitors the flow through the package from outside-in to inside-out and vice versa. The ILC improves the levelling of colour through out the whole package thereby reduces yarn loss and increases reproducibility from batch to batch. The outstanding performances of these features save total production cost by 30%, making it a premium choice for yarn dyeing facilities everywhere.

The main features of this series machine are:

  • Compact Piping Layout : The compactness of piping achieved to reduce 25% space saving and extreme low liquor ration of 1:4
  • Fuzzy Logic Temperature Control : This exclusive design can control the temperature inaccuracy within +/- 0.3oC
  • ILC : Intelligent Levelling Control System improves levelling throughout the whole package layer and reduces yarn lost.
  • AIR :  Advanced Intelligent Rinsing System shortens the rinsing time and reduces water consumption


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