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Marzoli relocating its assembly line in India from Hosur to Coimbatore

marzoli-main European producer of the complete line of machines5

Marzoli, a historic Italian company founded in 1851, is today a market leader in the supply of spinning machinery. One of the main European producers of the complete line of machines, it offers latest generation systems, control electronics and management systems with which the spinning activity can be managed at maximum yield.

19 Innovations in Spinning, patented and exhibited in ITMA 2019 by Marzoli. Invested 140,800 manhours in R & D and established 4500 new drawings.

In a press release, Marzoli has informed that they are relocating their assembly line in India from Hosur to Coimbatore. “The new factory is housed in a swanky location encompassing 50,000 square foot of working space and would be catering to the machinery requirements of customers across India and overseas,” says the release.

Marzoli has shared pictures of the new facility in Coimbatore.

a few pictures of new Marzoli factory

The company’s new address will be as under:

Marzoli India
MTMM Pvt Ltd.
Door No. SF 143/1,144/1,146, SNMV College Road, Malumichampatti
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India – 641050

Camozzi Group:

Camozzi Group

Since 1999, Marzoli is owned by the Camozzi group. Camozzi’s Group Companies include:

  1. Camozzi Automation
  2. Camozzi Technopolymers
  3. Innse-Berardi
  4. Ingersoll Machine Tools
  5. Marzoli
  6. Mora Gavardo foundries
  7. Camozzi Advanced Manufacturing
  8. Newton Officine Meccaniche
  9. Campress
  10. Camozzi Digital

Facts and Figures


  • Marzoli was established in 1851 and has experience & competence in manufacturing Textile Spinning Machinery for over 170 years.
  • Marzoli is one of the 3 system suppliers to deliver complete spinning machines range from Blow-room to Ring Spinning.
  • Marzoli can supply and is delivering the entire spinning mill world over. We also have a complete spinning mill from Marzoli in India.
  • 19 Innovations in Spinning patented and exhibited in ITMA 2019 by Marzoli. Invested 140,800 manhours in R & D and established 4500 new drawings.

Marzoli India:

  • We are moving to Coimbatore next month to a new facility having 50,000 sq. ft covered area and similar space available for mirror expansion.
  • Spinning machines will be assembled for exports & the domestic market.
  • We are live on SAP.
  • 95% of our employees are engineers & technically qualified.
  • Our company is ISO 9001:2015.
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