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Gibaud: Weavers of Care Textiles


For 130 years, in our workshops in Saint-Etienne and Trévoux, near Lyon, we have been weaving care textiles. Our textiles are designed and woven to act precisely on the part of the body that needs relief and treatment. Every day, we weave care to prevent, preserve and relieve at every age of life.

The Gibaud workshops are located in France, in Saint-Étienne and in Trévoux. Heirs to regional know-how, they have a modern and efficient production tool. Today, they provide most of the manufacturing of our products, which are all created in France. Integrated into our production tool, Gibaud research and development works in conjunction with medical research and patients. She is constantly developing new treatments based on innovations, 37 of which have been patented since 2001.

The Saint-Etienne site produces nearly 750,000 parts per year, ie 1,200 units per day. In addition to the supply chain activity, the weavers of care from Saint-Etienne work in four production workshops: weaving, knitting, sewing and clothing. It is in these workshops that many Gibaud orthopedic and foot treatments are created, such as orthoses from the 3D range for example.


The back and joint care range is modern and aesthetic. It is composed of care textiles that protect the movement of the joints by restoring sensations thanks to the proprioceptive effect. The five treatments that compose it are: the lumbar belt which ensures good posture and relieves pain, two knee pads to protect and maintain the kneecap, an ankle treatment that protects and helps restore movement, and an elbow pad.

Mainly designed and knitted with care in the Saint-Etienne (Loire) workshops by the Gibaud Care Weavers, the consulting ranges include 8 care textiles to discreetly support women and men on a daily basis. Design, modern and elegant, they help everyone take care of their back and joints to support their daily activities. The heat range is based on the conservation of body heat as a key element in relieving and soothing pain. The warmth range, made up mostly of merino wool, retains heat and insulates against the cold.


Merino wool is also known for its breathable properties. The modal fiber of natural origin is, for its part, known to bring more softness and comfort to wear. This thermal range is made up of three treatments: the legendary heat belt to soothe lower back pain, the heat shoulder pad to fight rheumatism, and the heat knee pad to relieve osteoarthritis.

French group Innothera

Gibaud belongs to the French group Innothera.


73 Rue de la Tour BP 78
Tel: 04 77 91 30 30
Fax: 04 77 79 62 66
Website: https://www.gibaud.com/

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