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Benetton Group suspends new orders to Myanmar

The Benetton Group has expressed its deepest concern about the events in Myanmar: “The situation presents both security problems and violations of rights and freedoms, so we have decided to suspend all new orders to the country.”

Massimo Renon, director general of the Benetton Group

Commenting on the situation in Myanmar, the general manager of the Benetton Group , Massimo Renon , says: “Over the years, the Benetton Group has been a champion of fundamental values such as inclusion, integration and non – violence. As a company, we cannot stop contributing to the respect of these values ​​and we intend to do our part. We will suspend the requests to the country to send a clear and concise signal ”.

And he concludes: “Our wish is that a situation be returned, as soon as possible, in which the fundamental rights of the population are guaranteed and that our Group can resume its action in support of local populations, which also implies the promotion of work and dignity ”.

(Courtesy: Noticiero Textil)

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