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Jonathan Cohen FW21

Jonathan Cohen 2FW21


This collection is the culmination of a series of fundamental shifts that occurred over the past year in terms of our business model, production, personal creative perspective and the broader cultural moment. It represents a new outlook on fashion as a means of individual expression and conscientious choice.

The collection was designed in 2020, during several weeks of COVID-19’s first-wave in New York, which I chose to spend with my family in my childhood home in San Diego. Time in my mother’s garden as well as the film What Dreams May Come inspired this season’s signature floral prints. In the film, Robin Williams’ character passes and his idea of heaven is living in his wife’s paintings. When he touches the flowers in her paintings, they smudge, an effect that’s echoed in my prints this season. Reflecting on the state of the world in light of the pandemic, what it meant for the future of fashion and the act of getting dressed inspired a joyful ease to the lineup’s shapes and vivid colors. Read More….

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