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Barcelona-based Gassol Offers Socks Designed Especially For Diabetics

Gassol Offers Socks Designed Especially For Diabetics

Gassol: A Catalan Textile Company

Gassol is a Catalan textile company with more than 110 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of garments designed to protect and beautify the legs and feet of men and women around the world. Gassol’s priority objective is to provide effective “care of the feet” of all those people who suffer from disorders in the extremities as a consequence of a high degree of diabetes. Gassol’s contribution to the community has been the presentation of socks designed specifically to be used by people with diabetes.

Gassol’s product effectively combines a new manufacturing concept that avoids any type of internal chafing of the foot with the use of ductile materials that provide the essential comfort and softness to improve user satisfaction in a matter as essential as foot care.

These garments that have already been tested by hundreds of people in the American market are now available in Spain and can be purchased directly via the Internet. The care of delicate feet now has a practical and comfortable solution.

All our products are made with “Dura Spun Acrylic” and special fibers of the highest quality. We develop products with magnificent results and great acceptance, that is why people who suffer from diabetes trust us.

Recognized by the Spanish Federation of Diabetes

According to the world health organization (WHO), there are more than 300 million people with diabetes in the world and by 2035. This figure is estimated to almost double to more than 592 million according to the estimate of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

In Spain, diabetes affects about 6 million people, and more than half are still unaware that they suffer from this disease. 13.8% of Spaniards over 18 years of age have type 2 diabetes, which is equivalent to more than 5.3 million people. Of these, almost 3 million were already diagnosed but 2.3 million, 43% of the total, were unaware that they had the disease.

The Spanish Diabetes Federation (FEDE), as the official organization that brings together all the Spanish Diabetic Associations, has recognized our products and authorized the inclusion of their logo in our communication.

The Diabetic Foot

The feet are a very sensitive part of the body for diabetics as injuries to the blood vessels in the feet can cause tissue injuries because diabetes causes less blood and oxygen to reach the feet. Therefore, small sores or breaks in the skin can turn into deep skin ulcers. Even giving rise to the amputation of fingers or the affected limb, it can also cause damage to the nerves by reducing sensitivity to pain without being perceived until well advanced in the injury.

Apart from the different complications that the disease presents in people with diabetes, it should be noted that it is responsible for 7 out of 10 non-traumatic amputations of the lower extremities, (Spain is the second country behind the US with the most amputations for this reason) 70% of inferior amputations are due to this disease.

After several studies in collaboration with doctors and diabetic associations and through the application of new techniques for the production and use of hygroscopic fibers with a spongy touch, we present socks specially designed for people with diabetes.

Over the last few years we have focused on the study and development of new products designed especially to obtain substantial improvements in the quality of life of people with diabetes.

“Our contribution has been the presentation to the diabetic community of socks designed specifically to be used by people with this disease.”

socks for diabetic people diagThe Federation of Spanish Diabetics “FEDE” as an organization that brings together all the Spanish Diabetic Associations has recognized our products and authorized the inclusion of their logo in our communication.

Our sock also meets the necessary “safe product” requirements and has been assigned the National Code by the General Council of Official Associations of Pharmacists as a product for sale in Parapharmacy. The code is 155516.8


  • Anti-microbial: To avoid infections.
  • Expels moisture out: Keeping feet dry and eliminating the formation of blisters and ulcers.
  • Designed for a perfect fit: It does not squeeze, which allows to maintain better circulation, avoiding swelling and annoying blisters.
  • Seamless: Avoid leaving marks on the skin, offering maximum comfort during use.
  • Maximum softness and comfort: Smooth fabric with a soft texture that prevents friction with the shoe and keeps your feet comfortable throughout the day.

Taking Care of Our Feet

People with diabetes often have foot problems due to the damage that complications of the disease can cause to blood vessels and nerves. Hence the importance of proper footwear.

Sometimes it is convenient to wear a shoe with a larger size than usual so that it can accommodate a sock and to allow the foot to swell (fluid retention) during the day.

As an essential complement to the shoe, the sock has a fundamental task. Some manufacturers have made this problem their own and have taken care to analyze, with doctors and specialists, all those factors that intervene in foot injuries:

Problem 1. Fluid retention effect: clear tendency to fluid retention, which produces swelling.

The sock designed for diabetics allows a total adaptation to the contour of the foot without tightening it at any time, despite the fact that it increases in size.

Problem 2. Perspiration effect: more perspiration is caused on the feet.

Sometimes it is only a temporary annoyance, but it is very important to neutralize it to prevent bacteria from appearing in a medium with a higher degree of humidity.

The sock designed for diabetics is made of a special acrylic «Duraspun», which facilitates the evacuation of perspiration from the foot. This remains dry at all times. This sock incorporates an antibacterial treatment that acts as a defense.

Problem 3. Sore effect: although its presence is not generalized in all people with diabetes, it is a problem that can appear in diabetic foot.

The seams and reinforcements of the sock have been designed to avoid any type of internal discomfort.

The use of socks in light colors is recommended to more easily detect if, at any time, the foot bleeds.

Problem 4. Cold feet: in cold climates or days, wearing socks designed for diabetics at bedtime is an effective remedy to prevent chills. The fiber used prevents cold burns.

People with diabetes, once they know their disease, must be very careful in monitoring their lower extremities.

Tips and recommendations:

  • Uncontrolled handling. Extreme foot care should be taken, avoiding uncontrolled manipulation, especially when cutting nails (which could give rise to slow-healing skin lesions).
  • External agents. Avoid actions that can be considered normal, but are potentially dangerous, such as the use of hot water bottles, braziers or other means of heating. Many people with diabetes can have peripheral nerve involvement. This entails a loss of sensitivity, which avoids the start-up of the usual defense mechanisms against the possible aggression of these external sources of heat.
  • Hygiene. The hygiene of the feet is essential to avoid any type of injury in the cutaneous areas. For this reason, the choice of the type of sock or stocking that should be used is very important.
  • Protective sock. The choice of sock can have a great influence on avoiding injuries to the feet, including the fingers. It is advisable to choose a type of sock with a thickness that protects the foot and does not put pressure on it or on the toes. Garments that are tight below the knee should also be avoided.
  • Sock stuff. It is important to choose materials that allow you to keep your feet comfortable and dry, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria that can reproduce in environments with a higher degree of humidity. It is recommended to choose modified synthetic materials, such as acrylic fiber, which allows moisture to evaporate from the foot and keeps it cool and dry during use.
  • Interior seams. Socks or short stockings should not have reinforcements or seams on the inside to avoid rubbing, which could lead to sores.
  • Shoes. When deciding to buy shoes, we recommend taking the socks you should wear with you and making the purchase in the afternoon, as this is the time of day when the feet are at their most swollen phase.

Manufacturas Antonio Gassol, sl manufactures, commercializes and exports socks, panty hose and women full-length and knee-length stocking. The Company also produces and sells narrow fabrics of cotton and manmade fibers. Its two plants are located in Mataro (Barcelona) and Salt (Gerona).


Manufacturas Antonio Gassol, sl
Valencia, 93 Pral. 1º
08029 – Barcelona
Telephone: +34 93 323 63 22
Mail: [email protected]

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