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Six NITER students receive Chinese Scholarship for higher studies

National Institute of Textile Engineering and Research (NITER)

Six students of the National Institute of Textile Engineering & Research (NITER) from the Textile Engineering Department have received a Chinese Government Scholarship for the current session (2020-21). Of them, four will be admitted into Wuhan Textile University and two will be admitted into Tianjin Polytechnic University for Master’s Program.

Chinese Government Scholarship 2021 is a fully funded scholarship. This scholarship is offered by the Chinese government to study at more than 280 Chinese Universities. International students from all over the world are eligible to apply. Only masters and PhD programs are available under this scholarship. Chinese Government Scholarship covers accommodation, basic heath insurance and monthly allowance up to 3500 Yuan. This scholarship intend to promote education, culture, trade, exchanges in education and politics, cooperation and mutual understanding between other countries and China.

Chinese Government Scholarship require online application submission at CSC portal. After that the candidate should apply to the selected university and send the required documents to the university along with CSC scholarship application form.

Around 280 Chinese universities are designated by the Chinese ministry of education (MOE) to admit international students under the CSC scholarship.

Why Study in China? | 4 Awesome Reasons

World class education

Hosted 377,054 international students in 2014, China is becoming an increasingly accessible destination for students from foreign countries through programs taught in English and the partnership with almost 70 countries to ensure mutual recognition of academic degrees .

In order to be in a better position to compete in the global economy, countries notice the importance of allowing foreigners to study in their universities, and China is making great efforts to promote opportunities. They have established strong connections with universities in the United States , such as Stanford University and New York University. The association has also drawn national attention and was the subject of a speech delivered by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2014.

In addition, the Government’s participation in Chinese institutions is aimed at creating a high level of education throughout the country. No matter where you decide to study in China, you can be sure that your education will be first class.

Professional Opportunities

China has overtaken Japan recently as the world’s second largest economy, which means that there are more and more job opportunities available for international students! If you want to work in a Chinese company, you have to master the language and have a basic knowledge of their culture.

The ability to work in a Chinese company will give you the opportunity to succeed in almost any major economy. As an international student, you will learn the language, get to know the culture and have an idea of ​​the labor market, which will generate advantages to compete for jobs. Take a look at these universities offering programs taught in English.

Cost of Living

Compared to the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, the daily cost of living in China is significantly cheaper. You can buy a large meal for around £ 2 to £ 3, and a round trip on public transport often costs less than 50 cents. The study visa costs £ 75, but this is much cheaper than the visa needed to enter the UK.

The rent, which can be the most expensive of life abroad, is also very cheap. The average cost of a dormitory in Beijing – the capital – is £ 112 per month.

Unparalleled Experience

With a history of more than 4,000 years, the Chinese have been innovators in almost all subjects, including business, astronomy, martial arts, philosophy and mathematics, while contributing greatly to studies of art, literature, religion, among others. . Although it may be difficult to adapt to Chinese culture at first, the reward of experiencing such a rich and developed culture is an experience like no other.

China is also one of the largest countries in the world. The geography varies from the mountains of the Himalayas, in the southwest, to the desert of Gobi, in the north, in the coastal east you can get mountains or beaches, depending on where you are. Exploring this great country is also possible, even at high speed (and affordable!), Due to the trains that connect the main cities. It does not matter in which part of China you decide to study, you have the guarantee that this will change your life and the experience will be unforgettable!

Wuhan Textile University (WTU)

Located in Wuhan, Wuhan Textile University (WTU) is a fascinating and increasingly popular place to study in China. WTU is known for providing a high quality, student-oriented education in a multi-disciplinary environment that integrates engineering, science, arts, economics and management. WTU has 21 schools, offering 64 undergraduate programs, 49 graduate programs, and 5 joint PHD programs. The leading disciplines of Wuhan Textile University are Textile, Fashion, Art, Media Materials, Accounting, etc. WTU is a leader in scientific research. It possesses a key laboratory for the development of Hubei New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing Technology. WTU also has 25 provincial level key research centers, including the “Hubei Key Laboratory for Digital Textile Equipment”, the “Hubei Fashion Art and Culture Research Center”, the “Hubei PV Engineering Research Center”, and the “Hubei Textile Systems and Policy Research Center”. The multi-disciplinary groups around textile, apparel and artistic design are highlights that greatly support the textile and clothing disciplines. WTU is also entrusted with many additional national research projects awarded by the National 973 Program, National 863 Plan for major science and technology, the National Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, and National Social Science Foundation of China.

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