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ChemSec and ZDHC collaborate for safer alternatives for chemistry in textile and leather manufacturing

ChemSec and the ZDHC Foundation (ZDHC) announce a collaboration to find safer alternatives for chemistry used in textiles and leather manufacturing, in order to eliminate hazardous substances. A core element of this joint effort is that ZDHC will publish the ZDHC MRSL Candidate List on ChemSec’s business-to-business platform, Marketplace.

The ZDHC MRSL Candidate List includes chemicals identified for the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL) but limitations on the availability of alternatives on a global scale were found. Via the ZDHC MRSL Candidate List, ZDHC signals to the industry that there is a need for safer alternatives.

ChemSec’s tool, Marketplace, connects buyers and suppliers of chemical alternatives (suppliers) by providing a unique marketing opportunity for suppliers of alternatives and a chance for downstream user companies to start substituting harmful chemicals found in their products.

This is a call to action for suppliers and other innovators and flags the immediate demand and need of the industry for alternatives. The collaboration between ChemSec and ZDHC helps innovators to identify the needs of the textile industry and make informed decisions on the research and development for new chemical products or process innovations.

“We see significant potential in this collaboration. The ZDHC MRSL is one of the most comprehensive lists within the industry while the ChemSec Marketplace showcases safer alternatives to these chemicals. Together we can drive supply chains towards sustainability and better chemical management”, says Dr Jonatan Kleimark, Marketplace Project Manager at ChemSec.

“With this collaboration, ZDHC will not only be able to promote the need for specific alternatives but also to gather information about these alternatives. With this information, we aim to identify if a response to a ZDHC request is, in reality, a better alternative and if so, start a review process. This review process could be a key part of determining whether a substance should move from the ZDHC MRSL Candidate List to the ZDHC MRSL.” says Frank Michel, ZDHC Executive Director.

About ChemSec:

ChemSec – the International Chemical Secretariat – is an independent environmental non-profit organisation that advocates for substitution of toxic chemicals to safer alternatives. Through independent research, cross-border collaboration and practical tools, ChemSec drives the development of more progressive chemicals legislation and pushes businesses towards the transition to non-toxic alternatives.

About ZDHC:

ZDHC oversees the implementation of the Roadmap to Zero Programme and is a global multi-stakeholder initiative of more than 160 contributors within the fashion and footwear industry. The vision is widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry, driving innovations and best practices to protect consumers, workers and the environment. ZDHC uses collaborative engagement to drive a holistic, industry-focussed and practical approach to sustainable chemical management. ZDHC Guidelines, ZDHC Platforms and solutions drive large-scale industry-wide implementation that advances the industry as a whole towards the zero discharge of hazardous chemicals.

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