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Turkey Targets 5 Billion Dollars in Carpet Exports in 2021


The World’s Interest In The Turkish Carpet Is Increasing


İsmail Gülle - Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly

İsmail Gülle, Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly

Stating that 2 billion 605 million dollars were exported in 2020 with an increase of 2.8 percent in the carpet sector, Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) Chairman İsmail Gülle said, “After this record, the increase in our carpet sector since the year is over 10 percent. The carpet sector is a sector where we are pioneers in the world. By meeting the demand, we need to reach 5 billion dollars per year by growing the scale.”

Turkish exporter is achieving historical achievements despite the contraction in the global trade due to the pandemic. The export family, which quickly adapted to unusual conditions and carried out the V-type recovery in exports, made to wave the Turkish flag in 226 countries and regions last year. Turkish exporter exported 169 billion 514 million dollars, reaching more than $165.9 billion, which is the “New Economy Program 2020 Export Target”. In the world goods trade, it was reached to 1 percent share for the first time last year.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the only umbrella organization of 100 thousand exporters and 61 exporter associations with 27 sectors, continues its efforts in full swing to reach the export target of $184 billion set for 2021 and strengthen the ‘Made in Türkiye’ brand in all over the world.

“We must reach 5 billion dollars in annual export”

The carpet sector, which is one of the 6 record-breaking sectors on an annual basis, exported 2 billion 605 million dollars. The sector has sold products to 172 countries and regions from Tanzania to Colombia, Brazil to Australia. TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, pointing to the success of the sector at the Carpet Sector Board Meeting held online, “In 2020, total exports in carpet sector increased by 2.8 percent to 2 billion 605 million dollars” he said. Gülle continued “This figure is also the annual record of our sector. Also, in December, the monthly export record was broken by $290 million. In the new year, export growth in our sector is over 10 percent. Carpet is a sector where we are pioneers in the world. By meeting demand, raising the scale, we need to reach $5 billion per year. In this sense, our successful performance in 2020 shows that we will achieve good works together in 2021.”

foreign trade complex - turkey

Turkey’s Foreign Trade Complex

“This year it will exceed $1 billion in the U.S.”

Emphasizing that the countries exported most are the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Germany Gülle said, “Exports to the United States approached $1 billion with a 40 percent increase. I hope this level will be over. In the light of all this data, the future performance of our industry excites us even more. We have a clear path in the carpet industry, our future is bright. Always we must keep our goals high, should not in a comfort zone, reach to all geography in the world.”

Most exported top 10 countries in 2020

  1. USA: 932 million 355 thousand dollars
  2. Saudi Arabia: 265 million 185 thousand dollars
  3. Germany: 141 million 457 thousand dollars
  4. United Kingdom: 24 million 497 thousand dollars
  5. Iraq: 110 million dollars
  6. Egypt: 79 million 453 thousand dollars
  7. United Arab Emirates: 68 million 302 thousand dollars
  8. Libya: 59 million 446 thousand dollars
  9. Kuwait: 37 million 29 thousand dollars
  10. Israel: 37 million dollars

Top 10 exporting cities in 2020

  1. Gaziantep: 1 billion 848 million 599 thousand dollars
  2. İstanbul: 563 million 506 thousand dollars
  3. Uşak: 57 million 921 thousand dollars
  4. Bursa: 24 million dollars
  5. Kayseri: 18 million 83 thousand dollars
  6. Denizli: 16 million 273 thousand dollars
  7. Düzce: 11 million 506 thousand dollars
  8. Isparta: 11 million 396 thousand dollars
  9. Kocaeli: 10 million 185 thousand dollars
  10. Ankara: 9 million 957 thousand dollars

Number of exporters on the rise

  • In 2000, 1,223 different Turkish exporter companies exported 300 million dollars in total and an average of 2,454 dollars per company in the carpet sector.
  • The number of exporter companies increased to 4,094 in 2018 and their exports increased to 2.26 billion dollars.
  • The average export was 5,532 thousand dollars per export company.

2019 comparison

  • In 2019, the number of exporter companies was 4,514 and their exports were 2 billion 53 million dollars.
  • Average exports per exporter company increased to 5,615 dollars.
  • According to 2000-2019 data, 19,588 different companies exported, while on average, 1.34 billion dollars were exported each year.
  • Export was 5,372 dollars per export company.

Turkey ranks second in global carpet supply

In the carpet market of approximately $15 billion, Turkey’s carpet exporters rank second behind China in global carpet supply with a share of 13.7 percent according to 2019 data.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) gives direction to Türkiye’s foreign trade, determine export policy, improve market diversity, and facilitates the competition of exporters in the international arena. TİM is the only umbrella organization of Turkish exports, representing more than 95,000 exporters with 27 sectors, 61 Exporters Association.

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