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What is ‘GOT’ in cotton processing?

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What is ‘GOT’ in cotton processing?

GOT is the short form of Ginning Out Turn or Ginning Outturn. GOT is quite often used in cotton production, marketing and ginning. GOT is the percentage of ginned lint obtained from a mass of seed cotton. A value of 35% GOT means that for every tonne of seed cotton the ginnery processes, 350 kilograms of lint and approximately 650 kilograms of cottonseed are produced.

There are several factors for the lower GOT value. The first, and perhaps the most important factor, is the poor quality cottonseeds used by farmers for planting, which result in low yields and low quality outputs that, in turn, adversely affect the volume and quality of lint outputs produced by ginners. Out-dated ginnery equipment also adversely affects the ginning outturn (GOT) and spinning quality of lint produced. Plant location also plays a role in ginning outturn (GOT).

Improvement of Ginning Out Turn (GOT) in India is lacking. The private sector entries have GOT not more than 35 per cent which should be raised to 40 percent. Programmes have to be initiated in a fast trackmode to reach 40 per cent of GOT. There are germplasms and varieties with GOT 40 percent and these lines could be explored.

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