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Vietnam Petrochemical and Fiber (VNPOLY) becomes supplier of raw fiber for Adidas and Target

After more than 2 years of commercial operation, fiber products by Vietnam Petrochemical and Spinning Joint Stock Company (VNPOLY) has affirmed its quality and conquered high domestic and international segments, especially in Vietnam. including the world’s leading brands ADIDAS and TARGET

Fiber supply for ADIDAS and TARGET

The quality of polyester yarn produced by VNPOLY is increasingly improved and conquered many fastidious customers in the high segment of the market. In which, there are customers who are the main suppliers of prestigious brands in the world.

DTY yarn produced by VNPOLY and its partners have passed rigorous quality checks from customers who are the two main material suppliers of ADIDAS Group and TARGET Group in Vietnam.

VNPOLY has gradually asserted quality

Overcoming the most difficult period in material quality verification, recently, VNPOLY-produced yarn has shipped 437 tons of yarn to the above enterprises to produce high-quality textile products.

As planned, in the coming time, two main material suppliers of Adidas Group, Target Group in Vietnam will maintain orders to import yarns manufactured from VNPOLY regularly about 50 tons/week.

In addition, a number of other high-end customers have also worked and planned to buy yarn produced by VNPOLY with orders from 45-70 tons of DTY yarn per month.Transporting goods to the container

Make use of every opportunity and advantage

The Covid-19 epidemic negatively affects the product consumption of the textile and apparel industry, and indirectly affects the demand for domestic and foreign fiber products. Most of the textile and apparel businesses have reduced capacity. However, in the difficulties, VNPOLY made more efforts, taking advantage of all opportunities and advantages to maintain and develop production and business activities. In the first 7 months of 2020, VNPOLY and its close cooperation with partners produced more than 2,000 tons of yarn and delivered nearly 2,000 tons of products to customers. Orders from traditional customers are typically maintained such as customers from the US – the most difficult market, recently consumed nearly 135 tons of VNPOLY yarn and continued to place orders for August. and next September with a total volume of nearly 90 tons of yarn.

Filament factory operators and SSFC specialists

Based on the actual situation and plans in August 2020, VNPOLY and its partners operate up to 8-10 DTY production lines to promptly respond to customers’ orders.

It is not easy for an enterprise facing many difficulties to maintain its business operations during the Covid-19 epidemic period. VNPOLY with continuous efforts and support from Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and its shareholders have been doing so. Believe that with the increasing product quality along with the solidarity and best efforts of the leaders and employees of the Company, DTY yarn products produced by VNPOLY will be welcomed by more and more customers in the future. hybrid.

Source: VNPOLY

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