CASA DEL FILATO was born in 1962, in province of Florence, during the social and industrial boom, a flourishing period for Italy, in which the passion for our job found its way to grow luxuriant, permanently and lasting sinking its roots. Thanks to the growing economy during that time, the company, originally founded to trade yarns, rapidly became a direct producer of its whole line, establishing its presence both nationally and internationally, building partnerships with the best knitting and weaving brands around the world. We supply to our clientele only precious yarns, thanks to their outstanding quality and our detailed selection: we also bring these qualities to the best fashion shows where we exhibit: cashmere, silk, wool, angora are only a small portion of the yarns we use, together with the novelties that vary from the viscose to the cottons. Due to logistic reasons, our headquarter is in the industrial area of Seano, in the province of Prato. We firmly believe in the Made in Italy’s values and potential; in fact, at Casa del Filato you can only find high quality raw materials, carefully selected by our specialized team. Not only: the machineries, completely owned, let us work with commitment and dedication, allowing also a continuous research and specialization in the sector. A great part of our production is based on carded yarns, using fibers as cashmere, silk, wool and angora. Each step takes place within our district, carefully executed by our technicians, starting from the dyeing and assembling of the fiber to the preparation, knitting, spooling and boxing. A complete process in which we put our effort to provide one of the best products in the market. Every single step is meticulously supervised, ensuring their perfect and complete cycle, thanks to our expertise and maturity build during the years in the sector.


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