I have established the Ilaria Manifattura Lane in 1967, a few months after the Florence flood, when Prato was the Eldorado of creativity and there existed concrete business opportunities for the production of fantasy knitting yarns. I set a clear goal: unify to creativity and culture of yarns, rigour and efficiency of the working method. It was the right choice. In a short period, we established ourselves thanks to the yearns’ originality and to the heavy work on foreign markets. In 1972 we added to the big fantasy twisting system, the departments of spinning, winding, yarn cleaning and dyeing. This process allowed us to cover the complete production cycle and to protect, in this way, the quality of our products, fantasy yarns for knits, weaving and aguglieria. We also attracted the market part disappointed by a producting system based on labour only subcontracting. The excellence, identifying the company, it is tracked not only in the choice and analysis of the raw materials, but in particular in the high-quality competence, shown in the design, manufacturing and yearns’ checking process. Also, from an ecological point of view: infact we work, in the total respect of the sector’s rules, cornerstones of the producting process. Even though, during the years, we reached many goals, we have never neglected the customer service-always guaranteeing exact precision and fast delivering-and the necessity of improving ourselves, it is a confirmation of a stable reality, that would like to continue in this way for a long time.


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