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Rüti Textil is a company that is dedicated to modifying and improving Maschinenfabrik Rüti, Sulzer Rüti and Sulzer Textil brand weaving machines. Thanks to our many years of experience and sound knowledge in textile machine engineering, we perform customer-specific modifications, adaptations and improvements. The result is higher performance, better fabric quality or a relief of the machines itself. With our conversion concept, we are leading high-quality technology into the next generation and thus preventing fully functional machines from being replaced by weaving machines with significantly shorter lifetime.

We are a company that follows the standards of Industry 4.0. We provide engineering services in a network of specialists. For the production of the components we work together with selected Swiss manufacturers.


  • Analysis in the areas of mechanical and textile engineering, particularly for weft insertion
  • Customer-specific modifications and improvements, from development right up to implementation
  • High-quality and performance-enhancing components and assemblies, thanks to the very latest production technologies

Flagship product

R12light projectile: Weight–optimized projectiles extend the weft yarn spectrum by improving insertion quality and performance. Customers with a D2 projectile can switch to the advantageous R12heavy projectile with a corresponding increase in performance.

Rüti Textil
Postfach 632
CH-8630 Rüti

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