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LÄSSER is the leading developer and manufacturer of high performance shuttle embroidery machines. Our headquarters, the R&D department and the manufacturing plant are based in Diepoldsau, Switzerland. LÄSSER provides everything from embroidery machines in all versions, attachments and accessories to machine training and after sales Service.


• High performance shuttle embroidery machines/LÄSSER MVD71
• Flat bed embroidery machines based on shuttle-embroidery technology/LÄSSER LSH 2
• Attachments for embroidery machines/SEQUIN, CORD, LASER, THERMOCUT
• Frame length: 1.6 yards to 33 yards
• Frame height up to 285 cm/LÄSSER MVD71 Big Frame
• Shuttle preparation machines/SCHIFFLI BERT, SCHIFFLI MAXX, SCHIFFLI KING
• Accessories for shuttle embroidery machines
• Editing and machine software
• Machine and software training

Flagship product

LÄSSER MVD71 MULTI V DRIVE: Maximum performance and excellent embroidery quality thanks to the well-engineered machine and the Swiss made quality of the components.
The well-thought-out ergonomic design and the user-friendly software enable a very easy operation of the machine.

Industriestrasse 1
CH-9444 Diepoldsau

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