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Uster Technologies AG


Uster Technologies is the leading high-technology instrument manufacturer of products for quality management for the textile industry. The company provides testing and monitoring instruments, systems and services that allow optimization of quality through each individual stage of textile production. This includes raw textile fibers, all staple fiber and filament yarns, as well as downstream services to the final finished fabric.


• Ginning & Cotton classing
• Fiber cleaning
• Fiber testing
• Yarn testing
• Yarn clearing
• Fabric inspection

Uster tester 6

Flagship product

USTER® TESTER 6: The USTER® TESTER 6 incorporates the Total Testing Center where data from the tester and other connected instruments are analyzed for fact-based decision on profitable spinning.

The USTER® TESTER is the heart of the laboratory in most mills around the world and is acknowledged as the global standard.


Uster Technologies AG
Sonnenbergstrasse 10
CH-8610 Uster

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